My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Ye Olde Books

I know, I know… the Y in Ye Olde wasn’t actually a Y, just an amalgam of the TH used for shorthand. I’ll totally admit this is a clumsy way to get these near the end of the alphabetically arranged header, because I’m too lazy and don’t care enough to go crawling through old WordPress PHP and rearrange things myself.

Old Fantasy Novels

The only one really worth reading out of this lot is Phoenix. I went back and read it, four years after finishing it–and actually, fourteen-year-old me didn’t do as badly as I thought! It was pretty entertaining and it did take me a couple days to finish. I mean, it was like, “Yeah… teenage me wrote this,” but it was still a pretty cute story.


Star–Draft 1Draft 2Draft 3 (it never got any decent)

Mirrorworld (I wrote this when I was twelve)

Tricks of the Light Quartet


Lila and Jane — updated HERE

Maya — updated HERE

Leo — updated HERE

Brian— updated HERE

Partial novels (won’t be finished)


Nerds On Caffeine

Ghost! Book 1