My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.


Book CoverPhoebe

Age: 12 (later, 13)

Species: Phoenix Epselan

Likes: flying, heat, good food, books, exploring

Hates: Being on stage, rain (and by the end of the book, a guy named Ian)

Appearance: dark hair, brown eyes, undiscernable nationality, wimpy muscles, light and thin

Always: going along with the situation until something goes wrong; trying to get control of her magic

Notes: Generally smart and a good judge of character, if somewhat impulsive.



Age: 25 when Phoebe is 12

Species: Polar bear Epselan

Likes: food (especially Cheeto and banana sandwiches, or Phoebe’s cooking), computers, random spare parts to build robots, his girlfriend Key

Hates: not having his say, any possibility of Phoebe in danger

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, pretty tall, and polar bear paws unless he’s building something (the default status)

Always: trying to figure out how to have fun while keeping Phoebe safe and working on his own stuff

Notes: Earns Key’s approval the minute they meet. After some–heh–unlucky romances before this, he deserves it. It’s hard to hold down a girlfriend when you move a lot, and he and Phoebe do.


Age: slightly younger than Mark?

Species: Human

Likes: computers, because she’s good with them. More of a software than a hardware girl, but she can do both.

Hates: When people take themselves too seriously

Appearance: short blonde hair, average height, reliably carrying a computer case and wearing comfortable clothing.

Always: carrying a portable RadioShack

Notes: Key is a member of the Tournesol, a group whose sole purpose is to keep away from the Agency. She is avoiding the Agency because she doesn’t want to be held hostage until they have time to study her unusual abilities, which are nothing more harmful than a superhuman ability to program and hack into stuff, and she only hacks to destroy if she has a very good reason. She also seems to be confident in her ability to survive. Key once vowed never to enter the Agency’s property, but she also promised herself that she would follow Mark wherever he went, and as it turns out, she resolved to keep the latter as Mark took Phoebe to the Agency base in Maine.


Lila Peterson

Age: Seven and a half
Species: Faerie
Likes: When her many little plans work out just right
Dislikes: Being labeled as a sissy
Hobby: Embarrassing boys with Maya and Jane
Character Comment: “No, I’m NOT that sweet little girlie you met at school!”
History: There is so much of Lila’s history that it is impossible to fit it into one paragraph. Lila is generally a straight A student and a major smart aleck. She, unlike many seven-year-old girls, has little to no interest in boys and a lot of interest in books and planning. She likes the fairies, but wishes that they would talk to her as they talk to one another, instead of treating her like a royal-I-can-cut-off-your-head-at-any-moment type.


Jane Rednorm

Age: Seven and a half
Species: Faerie
Likes: Keeping quiet, then busting out with a huge joke to catch someone off guard, whether in battle or in fun
Dislikes: People who disrespect Lila
Hobby: Embarrassing boys with Lila and Maya
Character Comment: “Touch my sword and die, you heathens! I mean boys! Oh wait, they’re the same thing. Hyyyyyaaaaaaahhh!”
History: Jane is a true warrior and defender, and has an abovementioned dislike for anyone who disrespects Lila. To Lila’s dismay, Jane is ready for anything when it comes to protecting her friend.


Cherry Wisfar

Age: Do you want a mouthful of socks? I can give you one! (I’m smiling in this picture. Do you really want to change that?)
Species: Faerie, I think.
Likes: Spying, finding loopholes, battling completely random things
Dislikes: Being asked my age, thank you very much!
Hobby: Having staring contests with her gray lap cat, Mistress
Character Comment: I say nothing and simply stare with a cocky grin. I AM a spy, you know.
History: Cherry, as she has stated, is Faerie Land’s spy and enjoys her job thoroughly, with its suspense and adventure. She likes to cling to the shadows, which is very odd for a faerie, as fairies gain their power from sunlight. Cherry sometimes wonders if, in fact, she is a faerie at all. (She will find out in the book, so if you’re wondering, I will release it when the plot comes to it.)


Age: I lost count, but I think it’s around three milennia
Species: Faerie
Likes: Reading letters, thinking
Dislikes: Her job
Hobby: Joking around
Character Comment: “You have no idea what you’re getting into.”
History: Sky helped to found Faerie Land and is the faerie of leadership, appointed queen of Faerie Land, even though she hates it. Sky cannot carry on a decent conversation with many fairies, so she quietly sits in her living room and reads. The preferred method of reaching her is usually through mail, as the queen is most commonly sighted while grocery shopping, which she does every day for reasons she will not reveal.

Likes: music, the beach
Hates: when Leo re-programs her cell phone ringer
Hair: Generally wet… it was at the time of the interview.
Always: avoiding Leo’s and Brian’s spelunking adventures, then putting her earbuds in when they came back with stories of when Brian warns someone to watch their head and thereafter bumps his own.
Notes: easy to freak out

Age: 9
Likes: science, re-programing Nikki’s cell phone ringer
Hates: When Lila tells “faerie tales”
Hair: tan
Always: handy to have with you
Notes: Will always accept scrap parts. Nobody knows where they go, but… we’re kinda scared to find out since Maya told us that once he helped them exterminate rats with one of his robots.