My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.


Just a few assorted pictures, not really related to any post. Click them to see the full picture–some of them are a little cut off.

A pencil drawing I did of myself in the mirror. Yes, my hair is that long, although it’s grown a little since then and is now past my butt.

Amanda from Star. She was supposed to go into a character description, and may do so later. I have a couple different drawings of her. This is a year old or so.

Akana of Star, also an older drawing, and also may appear on the Characters page later. (Lila and Jane can’t dominate there forever.)

A colored-pencil drawing I did of Phoebe sitting in a tree. Kind of old. Also appears on the Characters page with Phoebe’s description.

Leslie (from Phoenix) in part-sheep form. Another character description I haven’t gotten to.

Key of Phoenix. She’s human, in case you haven’t read the book. This is one girl who can make “computer geek” into a class.

Mark. He has his place on the Characters page now.

A picture I took of a pretty awesome leaf. Might just be big enough for a computer background if you want to use it. Don’t take this for a commercial purpose without e-mailing me and working out a deal–my e-mail is myexplodingcat(the symbol over the 2 key)gmail(dot)com.