My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.


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Story: Zoë, an all-too-independent girl, is discovered to have magic. Maybe. But whether she does doesn’t matter at the moment, because she has no clue how to use it in the first place–and neither does anyone else, for that matter. Nevertheless, she is sent to Pyrite University, a covert magic school. By odd chance, the magic school Zoë is sent to is being visited by Daniel and Sophie, who are in the area to “solve a problem.” That problem turns out to be a monster which is killing magic wielders–only magic wielders–and taking their power. Zoë’s problem turns out to be that she can only conduct magic through music, which is something she’s never been thrilled about. She senses that she’s frustrating the people who are trying to teach her, and in an attempt to redeem herself, tries to go after the monster. Bad idea! If the monster manages to kill her, it gets a new magic that the Agency can’t prohibit it from using… because they don’t even know about it!