My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 21

“Who did that?” Hannah asked.
“That was me,” Daniel said. He shrugged and looked around- he hadn’t specified a place to go; just “Not Here.”
Fortunately, they landed on the ground and not in the air. Daniel found that they were in a bit of the forest he couldn’t recognize. A tropical forest, not coniferous or deciduous, but something else – banana trees, papaya, mango. Exceedingly ripe mango.
Molly sniffed. “What is that?”
“Rotten fruit,” Ryder said. Probably one of the first sentences he’d said that day – most unlike him.
“And monkey wee,” Daniel said. He pointed to a spider monkey in the nearest papaya tree. Not anymore – it’d just jumped onto Hannah’s shoulder. She started flailing around – like some big sissy, Molly thought – and seeds and juice from the monkey’s fruit were spraying everywhere.
“Oh, calm down!” Molly said, approaching Hannah. “It’s just a sweet little monkey.” She spoke softly, and the monkey calmed down and stood on Hannah’s shoulder, bobbing its head up and down. Molly reached out, and the monkey leaped onto her arm to sit on her shoulder instead.
“See? He’s harmless.” The monkey yanked Molly’s hair. “Ow!”
“You try having something unidentified attack you from behind,” Hannah said, face finally returning to its natural color.
“I admit, it’s a bit – ow! – strange, but – ow! – you’ll get used to having a monkey around – ow! – if it decides to – ow! – follow us around and – ow! – later – ow! – it – ow! – can – ow! – find – ow! – us – ow! – food. Ow!” By this time Molly had grabbed the monkey and stared at it. It grinned at her.
“Y’know, I think buns just got that much more appealing.”
“Um, guys, unconscious girl on the ground?” Ryder said.
“Oh. Yeah,” Hannah said. “Um, Sophie, go get that plant. Pull it up all the way, I need the roots too. And Daniel, find some dry wood. Ryder, go out with Moxie and find some game or something. Nobody’s going hungry in this troop. Angel! You know forest plants. Get some edible greens. Molly, find some dry grass for kindling. Something small and dry. If you see rocks, bring them back here. I’ll search my pack for the fire-starting kit. Once we get a fire going, we can start building a shelter.”
Daniel raised a finger. “Um, Sophie’s writhing on the ground, apparently fighting something in her mind. She’s not about to get up and follow orde–”
“Oh. Yeah. Then, um, you get the plant. I need it now. And pine needles? Oh, wait, we’re in a tropical forest. Never mind, I’m used to the regular Mirrorworld coniferous.”
Daniel hurried and got the plant; just because Hannah was slightly oblivious to twitching  Sophie didn’t mean he had to be.
Hannah started a fire rather quickly, boiled some water and made an extract out of the plant. Then she poured the hot water over Sophie’s face.
“Well, I could have thought of that,” Daniel said.
“But you didn’t,” Molly said. “Besides, she wouldn’t have woken up if it were just hot water. The Gateguard shocked her into unconsciousness with magic. You can’t get out of it without a plant from a certain family. It’s hard to get on the Mirrorworld, but it grows everywhere here. The inhabitants of this dimension are incredibly hostile to newcomers from the Mirrorworld, but that’s because the Mirrorworld people are hostile to them. It’s a sad thing, but that’s life. Anyway, whenever I come here I claim I’m from Earth.”
“Do you know if there’s any civilization near?” Daniel asked.
“Not really. I’m guessing they’re not going to send a search party out for us because they have no clue that most of us exist. So that means that we just keep walking. Sophie’s out of it, but–”
“Forget about that. I just need to know which direction. North?”
Molly looked somewhat surprised. “Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter, does it? There is no “arctic” on this planet. It’s almost kind of a glitch between dimensions. North is… that way.” Molly looked at the sun, and pointed in one direction. “So now we walk, I guess.”
“No, we don’t.”
Molly took on a look of surprise, which was at the same moment that the spell was cast, and the party froze, forcing Molly to keep that expression until all the ground was covered and the spell found a town.
When the spell dropped them into the town, as is traditional, it dropped them from about a foot in the air to make them land in a heap. This is how magic gets its kicks.
Molly shook her head and got rid of the expression. She stuck her tongue out to show annoyance, then remembered what had happened last time she made a face.
Daniel got up and looked around. The civilization wasn’t what he’d expected; the buildings were so small, and it was so bright, and the people were all… cats.
“These people are all cats!” Hannah said.
“Well, yeah. I told you this dimension has some glitches. Talking cats are very hard to find anywhere else.”
“Are these the Kiri or the Jaka?” Sophie asked.
“These are the Kiri. In case you haven’t noticed, they really like words that rhyme with themselves.”
“Hey, there’s a book in the glass case over there. Should we try to get them to give it to us? This isn’t the Mirrorworld, but do we need it anyway?”
“This is a branch of the Mirrorworld. There are many reflections between two mirrors. Yeah, we need it,” Molly said. “It’s tired of sitting around. It told me.”
And then… something happened. Nobody could explain, after all was said and done, what happened, but whatever it was, it ended up with about seventeen Gateguards. At that very moment, about a hundred yowls were heard, yowls of cats about to rip someone’s throat out. Cats poured out of every building. Here and there some muttered something about a computer virus. The party was surrounded, and so were the Gateguards.
“Okay,” a scruffy-looking cat said to them, “Which one of you sent the message?”
“Huh?” Ryder said.
The cat turned around. “Must have been him. Whoever denied it did it.”
The two started arguing, but Angel just stood there with fear in her eyes, staring at the Gateguards. These looked exactly like the ones who’d kidnapped her earlier, but fortunately were staring at the snarling cats and hadn’t acknowledged her yet. Angel raised her wand extremely quietly.
“Illuminate,” she whispered.

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