My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 20

“Why did you do that?” Daniel panted. They were far outside the city limits now, and they’d run the whole way. Daniel almost ran on air again, anything to keep up with Molly’s predatory spy skills; even though she was a black cloak against a mob of bright Nai wings, she seemed almost to fade in, to become more camouflaged against the crowd. Maybe it was the way she glided, almost as if she were on skates, sort of. Ryder leapt after her and seemed to have no trouble keeping up.
“There was a Gateguard in the building. Again.”
“What else would make her dash out like that?” Sophie asked.
“Instinct.” Something flashed in Daniel’s eyes as he said this. Sophie noticed it, and figured it was probably something Mage had said. She’d forgotten how much Daniel read fiction.
But Daniel was right – Molly’s instincts could have kicked in any minute and made her rush out. It wasn’t like her to be out in broad daylight in the first place, let alone around a bunch of any type of magical creatures. Even Shapees would be a stretch, what with all the noise. (Molly liked silent night, which is different from silent darkness. Silent darkness was evil. Night was part of nature and therefore not malicious, but darkness was that which took away the natural daylight. Darkness was created. This was the reason that Molly didn’t like power outages – in the Mirrorworld, power outages weren’t always caused by squirrels. If you get my drift.)
“We can’t afford to be seen by a Gateguard again,” Molly hissed, voice low in case there was someone in the forest. “We can’t move that fast. I don’t know if you’ve seen them lately, but they’ve gotten speed-of-light teleporting powers now. If one sees us, that one will immediately send a magigram to the others.”
“What’s a magigram?” Sophie asked. Daniel wasn’t listening, though; his mind was on something else.
“Shhhhh! Magigrams are messages sent with magic. They’re there in an instant. If we were seen, they’d all be there in three seconds. We can’t deal with that many, unless somehow…”
Molly’s voice trailed off as Sophie collapsed on the fallen leaves. “There’s one in the forest. We’re dead, and I’m powerless right now, because…” Sophie lost consciousness.
Daniel’s eyes grew big as plates, and the group was elsewhere.

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