My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 18

Daniel stopped in the middle of the forest, and it wasn’t until then that he realized that he hadn’t been running, but flying, sort of. He stopped and wondered if he was like Angel, then glanced behind him to check. No wings. That was good – that would be hard to explain later. But he had been flying, he knew. He’d used magic, and run so fast that he could run on the air and the water, and with barely any effort. But he was too tired to experiment, and what he’d heard shocked him and frightened him more than anything.
Should he fail… more than two books would, once again, be stranded in the Mirrorworld. Daniel knew that Mage, the book that was better with words than anyone Daniel had known. Mage had told Daniel a partial lie, for his own good, because otherwise the task would seem so impossible…
Daniel knew that this happened before. He knew, immediately, that there was much, much more to this story than anyone saw. He knew how Angel had come to the Mirrorworld. Obviously, her mother had had magic, and come to the Mirrorworld with her book. Then Angel had been born, and her mother had died, maybe from the Gateguards, maybe not, involuntarily leaving the book stuck in the Mirrorworld. If this happened to Daniel, the group would fall apart, the others would get killed, and the books would be ignored and left. But Messenger didn’t want Daniel to know, because if he knew, then he would also know that people had failed before. A lot of people. Daniel knew that, since Mage was never one to lie but always one to stretch the truth (Daniel had gotten used to being lied to and could sense a lie from a mile away), there were books that had been taken through mirrors and into bathrooms. All three of them.
Daniel knew that, even though Tress had said that there were only ten books from the weird places in the Mirrorworld, they’d have to raid the bookstore and probably empty its shelves.
Daniel was sick with happiness from flying and incredible, penetrating worry and panic from knowing exactly what Molly was about to say.
*    *    *
“Hey!” Messenger said.
“He’s gone,” Molly said…
*    *    *
What if I disappeared? Daniel thought. Could the group still survive? Do I want to know? What secret does Molly have about the Gateguards? Why does Messenger know her, too? What do I have to do with any of this? Should I tell Angel my theory? Probably not; it’s no use getting her upset. And a few questions that had been bugging him for quite a while now: What IS Angel? Does Molly actually have a lead to her species? What was that about “element” and “magic type”? Is there actually a difference that what spells she can cast make, clues to her species? Why am I sitting in here? Ryder seems like he has some kind of hidden personality. What’s up? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DANG QUESTIONS?
In the end, Daniel decided to go back to camp, lurk around, listen in for about an hour, and pretend to be looking for mushrooms. It was an odd excuse, but it fit well enough that nobody questioned it. Unfortunately, Daniel didn’t hear anything. The cabin was built too well. He did hear two men walking near the camp, and ran to get Angel, because he only knew of one thing that was that loud while walking.
Angel wasn’t there.

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