My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 11

Angel had always wished she’d had a dog or a cat. She wondered how people got them, and where they came from. All she’d seen were wolves and mountain lions, and she didn’t think they’d make very good pets.
But now there was a little white owl sitting on her chest. It was very small and almost cartoon-like, and it wasn’t so much like an owl as it was a cross between an owl and a dove; it was pure white, not with any specks of brown or black, and its song was like neither type of bird.
Suddenly, everything went pitch black. It started at the cave, then flared outward and went absolutely everywhere. It was a wave of magic, and only those who were able to do magic could feel it.
Daniel, Mage, Sophie, Tress, Hannah, Herb, Ryder and Wiz were among them. Wow, we have a lot of characters. Magician didn’t feel it because he was asleep. So was Angel, for real this time.
However, among those who did feel the wave, Hannah was the first of our group.
Because she was right at the mouth of the cave.
Hannah tried to remember something. It seemed to come to her all at once, then she raised an eyebrow quizzically and felt along the wall. She found what she was looking for and pressed. It clicked. It was an area of wall that enabled access in and out of the stone slab’s area. Hannah went over and shook Angel, waking her up.
Angel blinked. “Huh?”
“You fell asleep. It was a good thing you cast that spell before you completely dozed off. You don’t want to know what those Gateguards would have done to you if you had just fallen asleep.”
“Yes, I do. I’m dying of curiosity.”
Hannah sighed, then reluctantly began, “All right. Those Gateguards are designed to cause the destruction of the universe – or at least throw it off-balance enough to take over. They need magic to do it, though, so they’re trying to find magic wielders and magical creatures to get it from. They were going to make you fall asleep and die of starvation, then come and take your magic for malicious use.”
“Ah, a typical villain.”
“Yes, don’t all the good fairy-tale villains want to take over the universe?” said Hannah sarcastically. “Do you want to know how I know all this?”
“Do you know how I was found by Daniel and Sophie?”
Angel put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my. Really?”
The others appeared in the room via Daniel’s slightly slow teleporting spell. It was hard to teleport that many people at once.
“What’s with the bird?” Hannah asked.
“I think for some reason I mentioned that in the spell.”
“Is this one of those things that makes the sounds in the morning that are like music?”
“Yeah. Didn’t you know that?”
“I barely know anything.”
“You know a lot more than you give yourself credit for.” Hannah hugged her.
“Um, hi.”
Hannah looked up. Daniel was waving. “What’s with the bird?” (He’d gone into Thought-Land again during the spell.)
“I think it’s her pet or something,” Hannah said.
“But I don’t have a pet,” Angel protested.
“Um, yes, you do,” the bird said.
Angel blinked at it.
“You called me?”
“I guess so.”
“Are we going to sit around gaping, or are we going to go after the Gateguards?”
Angel frowned. “Daniel, stop the ventriloquist act.”
“I’m not!”
“I am not a ventriloquist act! Now let’s go,” the bird said. It started flying out of the cave. It turned around. “Are you coming?”
“Then let’s get a move on!”

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