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Chapter 8

So, in an effort to keep Daniel from becoming really, really mad and start blasting someone’s head off, everyone decided to go to the Mirrorworld on that day and get the quest done with. Daniel insisted that they reintroduce Sophie to the world of common sense first, then go and gather supplies.
Daniel (with much talk of, “No, there really IS a faerie in your room!”) got Sophie to stand in the middle of her floor. She wasn’t stationary – she was spinning around and around, and her clothes and brown-black hair were soaked from playing in the sink – but that was the best Daniel could do.
“Sophie!” Tress yelled. Sophie froze in mid-spin, a really creepy, girly smile on her face.
Daniel smacked her upside the head. He had, in the moment, really, really wanted to do that. He’d wanted to smack anyone upside the head. He’d take what he could get.
Sophie seemed to unfreeze. She looked down, then shook her head, flinging her sopping hair everywhere and the water with it.
“What in the world am I wearing?”
Daniel had gotten used to the idea, true or not, that this was Sophie: some stupid girl who dressed odd and sounded insane. She’d been that way for about eight months, and Daniel got used to things fast. Naturally, he’d gotten used to the idea that this was Sophie, and pretty much ignored her. It seemed that Sophie wasn’t the only one who snapped back to the truth – Daniel had just realized that there was a point when Sophie would never have acted like this, unless she was making fun of girly girls.
She stood, in princessy skirts with gold trim and little jingle-bells on the hem; she’d sewn it herself in the illusion. The illusion, looking through her eyes and situated in her body, had worn all the girliest clothes Sophie had – mostly flower girl dresses and Halloween costumes, because Sophie didn’t really have enough girly clothes to last a week.
Daniel realized something else now, too. Here was a tomboy girl with her shoulder-length, very dark hair, wet and dripping, wearing a sweet little dress that a pixie might wear, but a faerie wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. That Sophie wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.
“What?” Sophie said when she saw him staring.
“You’re beautiful,” he said.

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  1. Sonia
    12:55 pm on August 7th, 2010

    I like the sudden twist that occurred here-so unexpected!

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