My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 7

“We’re out. Now what?”Daniel said, his voice panicky.
“Run!” came a muffled voice from his backpack.
Daniel decided to take the advice. Sophie chattered to herself. Daniel got a few yards ahead of Sophie before he realized Sophie wasn’t going to get with it on her own.
“Sophie! We need to run!” He tried to grab her hand and run with it, but trying to drag ninety-some pounds of sixth-grade girl was not one of his better ideas. He realized he had to find a far-fetched way of getting her out of here. Otherwise, she wasn’t going to move. He grabbed the staff from the main part of his backpack and Mage from a separate pocket. He threw the robe over his clothes and the cloak around his shoulders just for good measure.
Mage seemed to be surprised but all he could say was “Quickly!” Daniel cast some sort of spell he made up on the spot to make things light as air. Then he snapped a loose thread hanging off his cloak, tied it around Sophie’s hand, and ran. Sophie fluttered along like some little piece of paper. It looked odd, but it was the best Daniel could do in a hurry. What to do, where to run…? Sophie’s parents should be at work right about now. Daniel raced to her house, which was within walking distance of the school. He knew the key was under the mat. The key was always under the mat. If you wanted to break into a house, all you had to do was look under the welcome mat. Always.
He grabbed the key and slammed the door, fast, behind him.
He grabbed Sophie’s backpack and found Tress in it. Sophie was babbling on in the bathroom, playing in the sink and getting herself wet.
“Explain. Now,” Daniel said. “What’s going on? Explain quickly. We got police tailing us.”
“What is there to explain?” Tress asked. “You obviously figured out you can use magic. You found your equipment. You know Runi. You’ve figured out some form of disguise that you can use to eavesdrop – a little too successfully. You know what’s going on!”
“No, I don’t. Wait. I can use magic?”
“Um, duh. You just did, running away.”
Daniel rolled his eyes. “Running isn’t magic. Kids do it all the time.”
“Not that… well, not entirely. Do you run fast?”
“You did just now.”
“If you had police tailing you, wouldn’t you go a little faster?”
“You got here in seconds. And you used magic to make it so you could get Sophie out of danger.”
“I don’t remember that.”
“Must have been the rush.” Tress sighed.
Daniel shook his head. “Where was I? Oh yeah, policey tough-talk. Call Sophie back to reality. Now. Before everybody comes in and clicks their guns at us in some high-action scene where we’ve got to use our instinct to protect us.”
And then, on cue, everybody came and cocked their guns at them in some high-action scene where they have to use their instinct to protect themselves. Sophie babbled in the bathroom.
Suddenly, the bathroom door was open and Sophie was standing in it. The doorway, not the door.
“Ooh! More fairies have come to visit! Here are some flowers for you.”
Flowers appeared in the policemen’s hair. For once, Daniel was glad Sophie thought everyone was a faerie.
“I’m allergic to Easter lilies!”
“Let’s get out of here!”
“These kids could have brought a gun on school premises and you’re leaving because of a bunch of flowers?”
“He’s right. Hand it over, kiddies.”
“The gun.”
“What’s that?”
“Oh come on. This is ridiculous. It’s a machine. It kills people. It goes boom, boom.”
“It kills people? That’s not very nice.” If Sophie were out of the trance, she’d be saying this anyway, but she’d be having a lot more fun doing it.
“Sorry,” Daniel said. “My, uh, sister here belongs in a mental home. My parents say it’s a phase and she’ll get over it. Sirs, we don’t even own a gun. We’re homeschooled and our parents are taking a nap. We’re done with our work and we’re playing dress-up. She talked me into it.”
“O-oo-kaaa-yyy,” said one of the cops.
“They seem pretty innocent to me. Either that or they’re real good actors,” said another policeman.
“Grammar!” Daniel snapped, automatically. Mage and Tress tried not to giggle. It took a few seconds before Daniel realized that his teachery nature had just corrected a bunch of police who all had guns. He blushed, just a little.
“Well, you’ve certainly not been deprived of an education. But the only lead we have to the incident at Terence Intermediate is right in this house. If you don’t mind, we’ll take a look around. Starting…” the policeman pointed… “in that room.”
He wanted to get into Sophie’s room. Daniel broke out in a cold sweat, which he tried not to show. “Sorry about this, guys!” He took his staff and pointed it at them. They vanished. There was no puff of smoke    or blast of fire or sparkly dust stuff. Perhaps this was because Daniel didn’t especially approve of such things. He preferred to get the job done clean and not burn the house down.
*    *    *
Holly didn’t like being a secretary. She especially didn’t like being a secretary at the police station. The police watched way too many cops-and-robbers movies, and there was just too much paperwork. She sighed. That was why secretaries were hired, anyway – people didn’t like dealing with papers and paperwork. And another thing – when the cops came in, they came through the doors in a formation – they were all organized in a pattern of men and lined up in front of the desk. She’d seen them at work, too – they liked to pull out their police license and wave it everywhere. She just wasn’t in the mood, not today, to watch them make a cool appearance in the station.
The usual vain policeman at least had the decency to make his fancy entrance through the door. This time they didn’t even bother with that – they just appeared, right in the middle of the floor.
Holly looked up from her files. “You are very, very strange men.” Then she went back to labeling.
Later, she overheard one of those same police say to another in the group, “Y’know, I think she likes you.”
*    *    *
Daniel slunk to the floor. He let his mind idle for a few minutes, then went into Sophie’s room.
“Awright, get Sophie out of this stupid… thing she’s in and get into the Mirrorworld, cuz I’m tired of your stalling this.”
“Uh oh,” Mage said. “The only time he uses that many words that aren’t in the dictionary in one sentence is when he’s mad.”
“You mean two words that aren’t in the dictionary?” Tress said.
“Yes,” Mage replied.

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