My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 6

Daniel went to bed that night suspicious. Mage went to bed that night suspicious. Tress went to bed that night suspicious. Sophie did not go to bed suspicious, not because she didn’t know something was up, even in the trance, but because she didn’t go to bed. She hadn’t been to bed in weeks. She spent the night under a lamp, drawing fairies and singing to herself in her frilly little nightgown. Daniel got into bed late. He was tired, too tired, from thinking so much. On any other day, Daniel would listen to the radio in bed, but this time, he hit the mattress and that was the last thing he remembered.

* * *

5:00. 5:00 in the morning. Daniel stared at the alarm clock in disbelief. Mage snored quietly in his backpack,then stopped when Daniel looked at him. It was a good thing that, even while unconscious, Mage had a sixth sense for when someone was on the other side of a door and who it was, and a seventh sense for when to shut up. Daniel sighed. No one else in the house was awake. However, he dreaded getting out of bed in the morning and wasn’t about to do it again. He sighed again and went to his closet to get dressed. Hanging on the rack, very neatly, was a deep, deep blue robe with a burgundy cloak over the top of it. Daniel couldn’t recognize the material. It was soft and warm, but it wasn’t stuffy and it breathed. After some contemplation, Daniel put his new stuff in his backpack. Daniel went downstairs to find some breakfast. He opened the cereal cabinet and, just because he felt that so far, the day needed it, he looked for the most sugary cereal in the cabinet. He decided that the box that contained the little balls with waaaay too much food coloring on them would do. They turned his milk purple. He finished, put the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher, and turned around. In the umbrella stand, there was a wooden staff. It looked like it was possibly a root of some unfortunate tree, and the tips of the roots closed around an orb that changed colors, but they weren’t bright like Tress – and while Mage’s cover was slightly darker, the orb went even deeper and richer. It was pretty, and it changed color slowly. He tried to put it in his backpack for some reason he didn’t quite know; he did it almost robotically, without thinking. It fit. The staff was five feet long. For the first time that day, Daniel was glad that he woke up before his mom. * * * Daniel sat in art class. He didn’t like art class. He felt that he was good at writing, and he was all right at math, not great, but he couldn’t draw. No. All this stuff about eye movement was dumb – why make up rules for abstract paintings? What if you just wanted the viewer to focus on one subject without distraction? Not like the art teacher cared. You should be given a run-down of Daniel’s teachers. First, there’s Ms. Ash. She’s the typing teacher. She’s not married, and for good reason. She’s an army general, ruler-slapper personality. Everybody hates her. Then there’s the teacher who everybody likes: Mr. Monito. He’s a midget gym teacher, and he’ll give a package of jellybeans to the person who beats him in a race. Ms. Dalio, the science teacher, actually did it once. Ms. Dalio was the nicest teacher in the building. She liked Mr. Monito, and everybody knew it. People knew her first name. It was Stephanie. She didn’t care that people knew it, and everybody called her Stephanie, even the students. She didn’t care – she liked it. It wasn’t stuck-up and formal. Ms. Dalio disliked anything formal. She had, on more than one occasion, brought cookies and flavored water for her students. Nobody had the heart to rebel against her, but the Mythology teacher was always ranting about how he was onto her, and she didn’t have a shadow. All that type of stuff. He thought she was a faerie, which could very well have been true. Mrs. Eerdo was famous. She was the Geography teacher, and she belonged in a mental home. She wore strange goggles all the time, and she liked to buy old-fashioned suits with shoulder pads and take the shoulder pads out, and then… nobody knew what she did with them. There were rumors that she was working on a new style of desk chair, and needed them for the cushioning. There were also rumors that she ate them. (Mrs. Eerdo herself may have started that one.) Then there’s Mrs. Willirms, who everybody hated even more than Mrs. Ash. She spent more time yelling at everyone than teaching, and then she’d yell because nobody had their work done and take up more time. She was, in a secret poll among the students, the meanest English teacher ever. Nobody knew the art teacher’s name. They referred to her as “teacher”. Nobody really knew a lot else about her. She wrote things on the board and her routine was that you did what was on the board, and she never talked. Nobody had ever heard her talk. Nobody. It was weird. All the students heard was just a really weird hissing noise when she was angry. The students had to try really, really hard not to laugh when she got spit everywhere. There were certain incidents where she’d soaked her shirt, and, during the flu season, vomited on herself. “SSSSSSSsssSSSSSssssssssSSSSSssssssSSSSSSSSsssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” (Don’t even ask. Nobody knows.)

* * *

Daniel sat in class and held the handle of his backpack loosely. Suddenly the door opened and some police came in. “We were told that somebody in this very room has a gun upon their person. Hand it to us now and you will get in minimal trouble,” they said. Nobody in the room moved a muscle. “All right, we’ll have to search everyone’s backpack. If you do not hand in a backpack, well… let’s just say you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Understand?” “All right, children. Everybody give their backpack to the very nice policemen.” The teacher tried to look calm, but her worry showed. Daniel assumed a look of slight panic. He looked across the room and saw that Sophie had the same look on her face. He guessed that Sophie had also found something in her closet, and possibly also her umbrella stand. She was still in her fantasy trance, but even then had enough sense not to want to let the police see whatever she had. Daniel remembered that the art room was on the first floor. While students’ footsteps covered the noise and everyone’s back was turned, Daniel and Sophie climbed out the window.

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  1. Sonia
    12:40 pm on August 7th, 2010

    haha nice teacher descriptions-and nice “play on words” (about Mrs. Willirms, if you know what I mean) You do a great job on “hooking” the reader!

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