My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 5

“In case you’re going to say it, I know Spanish. And French.”
“I don’t doubt that. But we were speaking Runi. Runi is a language that is… well, it’s the language of magic,” Mage said.
“It’s designed for humans to not be able to understand. It’s only–” Tress started.
“Wait. You’re not going to tell me I’ve turned into some weird creature, are you? Because while that would be cool, there are people who expect me to return after this little errand. They don’t even know I’m going, let alone that I’m going to be back.”
“Well, no.”
“Then what’s with this Runi? Sounded like English to me,” Daniel said.
If Tress had been human, she would have put her hand to her mouth. Mage shrank back.
“Is he really that intense in his…” Tress’s voice trailed. Mage was silent.
“If we could converse for a few more minutes?”
Daniel left the room, closing the door.
“Without your eavesdropping,” Tress called. “We know you speak Runi, so obviously we’re not going to try that again.”
Daniel impatiently stepped away. Who did they think they were fooling? They had a secret, he knew, and not one they were too sure about revealing.
Daniel’s breaths had been deep with slight irritation, but now he drew in a sharp breath. This was too much.
With Sophie still chattering, Daniel closed his eyes and felt the air as he breathed. He stepped forward to where he knew the door was located. He could almost see, his eyes still closed, little gold flashes that outlined the objects in front of him. He could also hear Mage and Tress talking in what he thought must be Runi, because it had a twinge of foreign-ness to it. But not the usual type of foreign-ness. As if Runi would help them hide.
Usually Mage and Tress knew who was on the other side of a door. Daniel’s mom came to each of her children’s rooms separately to call for dinner because she didn’t like shouting, and Mage always knew just when to shut up. It was funny.
“Normally you go through books faster than that, Daniel,” his mom said after the second week Mage had been there. “I’m surprised.”
“Well, it’s a very interesting book and sometimes hard to understand,” Daniel said, clever with an absence of lying. He’d always been good at telling the truthful answer to what had been asked but strategically not telling what hadn’t.
But this time, the books just chattered on without realizing that Daniel was right there.
“He is obviously a very strong wielder. That’s advanced, hearing Runi like one’s first language. And then he speaks several more languages, but he’s so defined in himself that he might as well be a dictionary entry. He and his newfound magic know exactly who he is. That’s a strong one.”
“Well, perhaps you should build up the bravery to say that to his face,” Tress’s sweet but sarcastic voice said. “It’s not like he’s going to take that as an insult.”
“Well, if you’re so sure, why don’t you tell him? It’s not an easy subject. Are you going to call Sophie back to reality now?”
“Sophie is never going to be like she used to. I don’t mean the insane thing, but in general. She’ll never fully be called back to reality because reality will do whatever she wants if she wants it to. There was a faerie in the garden the other day. It was about to go to war with a bumblebee, but she looked at it and thought that it should be picking flowers! Imagine that! It’s the pixies who pick flowers and put them in their hair, and a faerie would never do that! And I saw it! The little thing was skipping around the garden and slashing the flower stems with her sword – in front of a very, very confused bee. It was funny and rather depressing at the same time, which makes for an unusual mood.”
“Ah, yes. So are you going to partially wake her up, then? You can’t leave her like this for long. The time to leave will be best tomorrow after the children’s sessions with their teachers. School, I think they call it. Apparently the trend is that children don’t like school, and Daniel doesn’t really talk about it.”
I could have told you that, thought Daniel, noting the word children. And no. I don’t like to talk about it. If you weren’t in my locker all day, you would know that and why, too.
“Yes, I’m going to ‘wake her up’, as you say.”
“Why, to be blunt, does it seem like she’s lost it?”
“It’s a side effect. She’s very chatty outside of school and wanted to know more, talk more, learn more. I think she got an overdose of magic.”
An overdose of magic, Daniel thought. An overdose of magic. Overdose. Magic.
Daniel made the mistake of opening his eyes as he frowned.
Mage and Tress snapped to attention. Daniel appeared in front of the door much too quickly.
“Daniel!” Tress called from inside.
Daniel obediently opened the door and calmly, innocently looked at the two books sitting on Sophie’s bed. There had been a suspicious twinge to Tress’s voice.
“Do you know what you just did?”
“Neither do we.”

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