My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 2

The next day, Daniel went to school and got picked on, teased, blamed and used as usual. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t answer any questions like he normally did. He especially didn’t say anything about the book. There was another silence in the room, too, but Daniel couldn’t quite place it.
Coming home from school, Daniel noticed a figure in the old maple by his house. Sigh – probably another person wanting “help” with homework. He came close and saw it was a girl – probably Melinda trying to wheedle math answers out of him. But he didn’t recognize this girl, even though she was in all his classes. She was usually the one who answered questions if Daniel didn’t. It took Daniel a while to decipher whether they were even in the same grade.
She seemed to be reading a book aloud to herself, and on any other day Daniel would have left her alone, but then he realized:
She wasn’t reading the book aloud.
The book was reading itself aloud.

Daniel scrambled up the tree. He fought to get his bag up, too, which was important because Mage, his talking book, was in it. Sophie quickly put her book into her backpack.
“We need to talk,” Daniel said.
Sophie didn’t like people. She liked books. Unless those people wrote books, she didn’t want anything to do with them. But she wasn’t socially stupid, and she knew how to catch people off guard.
“You’re not going to ask me out or anything gushy and stupid, are you?” she blurted out, expecting Daniel to say, like the other boys would, “You wish!” and climb down.
“No, I’m not,” Daniel said, frowning. He knew that Sophie always had her nose in a novel, so he said, “I came to talk about books.”
“Hm.” Sophie looked him up and down, thinking about how much she should tell him.
“A very specific book, or, rather, several books.”
Sophie sized him up as Daniel pulled Mage from his pack, whispering to be quiet.
The cover, however, was enough proof for Sophie.
“Oh,” she said quietly. “Well then.” She retrieved her book, too. “This is Tress. It’s short for Enchantress.”
“Mage,” Daniel said. “It feels silly to ask this, but can yours talk, too?”
“Why wouldn’t she?”
“Well…” Daniel was lost. “Uh, Mage, you can talk now.”
“Shh! We’re on a busy street. Do you know how much competition there is for talking books?”
“Um, people think they’ve invented that already. They call them audiobooks and you can listen on CDs and stuff.”
“Those aren’t really books,” Sophie said. “They’re CDs.”
“Yes, but the point is – ”
“We have work to do,” Mage said, “and you guys are talking about CDs?”
“Thank you,” Sophie said under her breath. Tress snickered.
“We need to enter the Mirrorworld and find the other books. Otherwise, eventually all of the magic books will disappear into the Mirrorworld, and then Earth’s magic will be decreased. When all the magic goes bye-bye, Earth and humanity is doomed. You live on magic, whether you know it or not.”

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