My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 18

Lila had a mission. She was going back down to Earth. She wanted to try to get one of her boy friends (not boyfriends, boy friends) to drink the hot chocolate, turn into a faerie, and go to Faerie land. This was her plan: She was going to shape-shift (one of the more unusual faerie powers, but limited to a three-hour time period. Cherry, odd as she is, can manage for five), go to the store, and buy a bottle.

Then she would go to Juan (her friend)’s house, knock on the door, trap herself, and… well, she was sure that curious Juan can’t resist opening a strange bottle on the porch. Her plan worked perfectly. Lila sprang out, did her trick, and, of course, Juan willingly gulped down the drink, and flew up to the cloud, with Lila’s help.     Apparently the term “new species” applied to bringing a male faerie up. Five thousand jingas went to the tailor’s business. Rena fainted at the news. Lila thought it was hilarious.

So, Faerie land is at peace, and everyone is happy.

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