My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter One – It Happens

How in the world did I get up here? I don’t remember anything. I’m on what would probably be the equivalent of an eighth-story building, made of rock. It’s very mossy under my feet, and a series of vines and ropes lay before me. Something in my head says that this is the best way to get down, the other option being to jump. I don’t know… I guess I should do it. If I don’t, I’ll starve, so a risk is better than certain death. I cling to the first rope, and jump. All right. My hands seem to know how to do this, even if I don’t. The next rope is quite far away – how in the world will I get there? Better to hold on and wait until I’m close enough to switch. I swing, swing, and swing, and swing… I’m at a good angle, but I’ll make it better and swing once more…
WHAM! I swing backwards and slam into the wall. I’d always remember feeling the solid, cold stone sliding down my back before I slid off the wall into free-fall. Then I’d always remember that instance when it sounded like someone had turned the volume all the way up on a piano and struck the very highest notes with a heavy metal baseball bat. Oh, and I’d remember the huge mouthful of swampy mud. I stood up and shook it all out, spitting moss everywhere. Yuck. I sneeze, forcing me to look down…
At my body. I wondered how I’d survived that fall. Truth was, I hadn’t. I’d become a ghost. Good thing I was never really creeped out by ghosts. Another body lay next to mine. She, too, was spitting out dirt. For once, I recognized something.
“Thank goodness you’re here. I couldn’t even remember my own name before you came.”
“Neither could I.”
Cornelia was always one of those people who was very fun to be with, but not very bright, especially for her twenty years. I’m very logical and sensible, and all this means is that we make a great pair.
“Hey, Cornelia… the sun is very bright, so why aren’t we fading away or something?”
Cornelia jumps up and down and says, “We must be magic ghosts!”
“I doubt that,” I say. “I think it’s more likely that the light hurting ghosts is simply nothing but a superstition or something that the parents can use to convince small children that there aren’t any ghosts under the bed, i.e., a flashlight shining.”
Cornelia giggles and says, “Aly, you use big words.”
“Think where we could go! We could go to the bottom of the ocean if we wanted to! But I have a fun idea first. By the fauna here, I think that we’re in the Amazonian rainforest. The sun is over there, and there’s dew on the grass here, so it’s morning, and that means that the sun is in the east, so we should head due north, which is… that way.”
Cornelia grabs my hand and runs.

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2 Responses to “Chapter One – It Happens”

  1. Anna
    9:51 pm on August 20th, 2009

    Looks like a fun start~

  2. Writer
    7:15 pm on August 24th, 2009

    This present tense, first person work was hard to do after writing so much in past tense, third person omniscient. So if it shows, let me know. Ooh, that rhymed. O_o*

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