My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 30

A day passed. Everything was frozen for a day. Which, if you think about it, doesn’t really make it a day, except the one thing that made it different from all the recent days was that the sun came up, and went down. That hadn’t happened in the past few days, when the Devia had taken over. But now that Devia was trapped in the sun. For a day. And with an ear-piercing shriek, when the sun, the white light, set on that day, the world unfroze and the Six knew that the Devia would never come back.
“So now what? Should we return to Jessini?” Maya asked.
“A farming land? What, are you crazy? There’s no fun stuff to fight there! Let’s stay near Earth. This is where the action’s at!” Brian declared. Everyone else agreed, even Maya.
“Well, guys, we’d better get a move on while it’s still light out. I guess we have to go back through the portal,” Jaymi said. “Yuck.”
“Well, at least the dirty work’s done,” Lila said.
“Y’know, we’re gonna get bombarded with fan mail and newspaper reporters after this.”
“Yep.” They stood for a moment, silent.
“Well, let’s get a move on,” Nikki said.
They did.

Then they all went back home. They grew up in peace, Brian married Tika and Leo married Geraldine. Maya laughed when Brian cried at Leo’s and Leo cried at Brian’s. Lila shared an expression that said she was trying really hard to keep from laughing. Maya herself stayed single and acquired 35 cats, had fun making fun of the occasional person who flagged her as “that crazy cat lady” and yelling, “You kids get offa my lawn!” and laughing at their crazy expressions, then saying, “And come into the back yard and I’ll teach yez how to play tug-of-war right!”, then beating them all single-handedly. Cherry eventually found Aaron stuck in a castle trying to fit one of her old shoes on a bunch of girls and married him. Lila became queen of Faerie land in Sky’s place and went through a bunch of bad dates until Cherry brought up the dragon that was right next to the one who was the subject of the doll joke, who she married for his own jokes and carefree lifestyle (and for that one time when he stuck his tongue out at a President who was raising taxes and freaking out about Americans not having money to hire people with, resulting in a job crisis, people not having money to buy a house, and inflation. Anyone who can make a President blush like that was worth marrying).
Nikki became a very well-known editor who gritted her teeth through the mermaids who had no clue how to send in work, and therefore did it on bright orange paper. Eventually she got them to do it right, and sold books to humans with titles like “The Loch Ness Monster: Myth or Dinosaur?” and “Really, Now! Explanations For The Unexpected Events” and “Bermuda Triangle: Vacation spot?”. They each led happy lives, but they were warned:
The others will come back.

The End

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