My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 29

Home. A word associated with comfort. There was, however, nothing comfortable about the Peterson household that evening. In one corner, their assumed parents stood frozen. In the very center of the room, a humongous gaping black portal sat, moving slowly at first, but faster and faster once someone stepped toward it. The group stepped silently around the portal to face the frozen humans. Brian stepped forward and read their eyes. They told the very same story that Mistress Gryphon’s spell told Jaymi.
“Lila,” Brian said at last. “You’ve been told some things, but that’s nothing like seeing it. Come here.”
“I’m not a Shapee,” Lila said.
“We know that. Do it anyway. You were able to control Maya’s orb. Try directing Shapee magic.” Brian sent Nicolas to her, and she used the controlling stare to make one of the dragons sit up and say, “I like to play with dollies!”
“Oh, a sense of humor,” said the dragon next to it. The portal roared.
“Well, now read them,” Brian said.
She did. “It’s not the same as when you’re told,” she said afterward. “It’s much creepier, and more realistic. Jaymi looks kind of funny scrambling off into the woods.” The portal roared again.
“Are we gonna have to go into that thing?” Maya asked
“Unfortunately, I think so. We really don’t have another option,” Leo said.
The room fell silent. Everyone stared at the ground until Nikki broke the silence. “So, uhh… I guess it’s best we get a move on, then.”
“I guess. Everyone, into… the thing,” Jaymi said
The portal was a horrible experience. Everybody decided that, if given a choice, they’d never go through a portal like that again. It hurt. Lila was the worst off, being deprived of light. Even Emma dimmed, and ended up carrying Lila. The perks of being eight inches high.
It took fifteen minutes for everyone to recover from the portal and take a glance around them. Maya shook a little, and took a step back. “I’ve been here before,” she said. “If you thought the Drearies were bad, wait for what comes. At least last time, I was fighting something easy. But with that aura… we could only be fighting one thing that bad. One thing. A Devia.”
Immediately everyone knew what she was talking about, even though none had ever heard of one before. Devias were rare and that was just as well, because they could destroy entire galaxies, leaving a black hole in the universe. It was most likely that they were rare because either they killed each other off, or got sucked into the black holes they created. This was not something to be messed with. Jane and Amy, her orb, kept wary. They kept silent as possible approaching the evil Devia fort. It had been taken over by this creature when Maya had gotten rid of the Drearie queen and Lila her assassins.
Maya figured she could get in the same way she did last time, calling a squirrel to bite into the walls. They were hard stone, Let’s just say the squirrel didn’t get far.
So, unlike tradition, they went in through the front door and killed everything in sight except each other. That worked pretty well, except Lila was growing weaker.
When they came to the final room, the final battle, it was not what they expected. They expected some big old thing that looked like a black sheet draped over something tall. It wasn’t. It was, in fact, the Drearie queen. Taken over, of course, by the Devia.
Maya and Ukiki’s jaw dropped. “Deja Vu.”
And suddenly a faerie trotted into the room. “You called?” she said with obvious glee.
“Ha ha! I knew you would!” Her smile was brilliant, and everything about her was a sign of pure joy. She glowed brightly, and Lila blinked. This little girl had helped a lot with her strength. Lila cast a sunbeam to the middle of the ceiling, almost by instinct.  The not-Drearie-queen started toward her, and Maya stepped forward and grew vines up to it. The little girl, grinning, blocked the Devia’s path to escape. Leo came and blew fire up to it. Nikki cast a shower of water upward. Brian cast his unique magic up, and Jaymi stepped into her place and caused a whirlwind to go around them all, then caused wind to blow up to that point on the ceiling. And there they stood, in a circle, each with his or her orb above the head, supplying magic for the most costly spell in the universe, but also the most important. Six figures stood around the six figures: Sky, Nua, Aldrich, Saria, Master Zeagr, and that guy who made LostSword.
They said, in unison, “We are here. Soon we will go. We will come back, at the time of need. Which is a sure-fire guarantee, of course, that we will. WE WILL COME BACK. But for now…”
They leapt, together, into the spot on the ceiling.
Jaymi, Lila, Leo, Maya, Nikki and Brian all said in unison, in the voices of the ones they respect: “You are us.”

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