My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 28

Following the queen’s instructions, the group went to the mermaids first, because they really weren’t great fighters, and then to Maya’s place and the Chikik, and then to the pixies, which didn’t take long, but it could have been shorter. The warriors had done quite well, but Master Zeagr and several others had been seriously hurt. It was a good thing that the mermaids had kept their pet Tagari with them, because Tagari know healing magic and can walk in and out of water.
Jaymi rushed to Master Zeagr even faster than the Tagari, who were bolting the way something you really don’t expect to be fast but is does.
“What’s hurt? I don’t have a spell for all-around healing.”
“My leg…”
Jaymi healed him and teleported him to Geraldine’s inn, then ran off to help others. She ran into Mistress Gryphon, who bowed again.
“No time for etiquette! Go quickly to Zeagr! He’s in Geraldine’s inn. I’ll teleport you.”
Jaymi did and rushed away. Geraldine, hearing this, teleported to the inn too. There was no time to walk even if the inn were five feet away.
It was not the battle that took long. It was the recovery of the soldiers and the gathering of the remaining soldiers who could still manage fighting. Brian thought that this sounded familiar. Sounded… right. Leo was thinking about something that Sky said, and he wasn’t sure he liked it.

The dragon forest was next, because they needed the warriors. In other words, almost everyone over the age of six went with them. Then the Shapee territory. They went to the dragons first because they knew that the Shapees would be in chaos. The mischievous creatures would be very hard to organize, and that was sort of good, but bad, too, because people would try. They just needed to go out and blast stuff. The only challenge in that battle was getting them all to listen to one sentence: “Just go smash stuff!” Then they did, and what battle was there? Shapees think that smashing stuff is fun, and they had plenty to do. There was nothing left in a matter of minutes.
“We’re… done, then?” someone asked.
And then something clicked. Not done. Leo knew what it was. Sky had said to search every one of their homes. He could see that Nikki knew it too.
“You know what we have to do,” he said quietly.
Nikki nodded and told the others. She’d always been the better one with words.
And then they all went home.

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