My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 26

In Faerie Land…

The group got a bit held up at the gate.
“Yeah, yeah,. Right. You’re NOT Lila! You’re just another Lurking Spirit coming in to take someone over!”
Lila screamed.  It was very loud and girly, something a Lurking Spirit couldn’t manage.
“Oh, so you’re one of those pesky Drearie critters. And who are you with?”
“I’m with Maya, Leo, Nikki, Brian, Jaymi, Cherry, and Geraldine and Tika, who are pixies. It’s a big group.”
“Yeah, right.”
Cherry spoke up. “Hey, you. She did mention me in the list. But you weren’t listening. I’m Cherry, and if you don’t let me in now, I’ll just be rude and slip past the filter. I helped build this place and I know how it works!”
The guard’s voice dropped. “Shh. All right, I believe you. Cherry’s been missing for quite a while now, and nobody has that much audacity. Come in, but be quiet.”
“Quiet is my middle name,” Cherry said. “You want us to sneak in and attack?”
“Yes, if you know how to kill stuff like this. Otherwise, hide!”
“All right, so everyone just kill the thingies like I did, and Lila, go get Jane. Then get as many people to attack as possible!” Leo told them. They snuck into the castle and Lila hid by dimming her light as much as possible. Leo kept behind the red curtains, Nikki hid in the goldfish pond and interrogated the goldfish, Brian hid under a table and Maya and Ukiki in a hibiscus tree that was in the indoor garden and absolutely humongous. Or, at least it was huge to a two foot high elf. Jaymi and the other pixies hid on the ceiling, which was a deep periwinkle and matched their clothing.
Sky came in, but it was clear that she had been taken over. Jaymi said, “I’ll handle this.” She dropped to the ground and tried to expel the spirit, but it didn’t work. Lila intervened and cast it out, but she was busy holding the queasy Sky up.
“A little help with the Lurking Spirit!”
Jaymi killed it with a zap of lightning.
“Whew! Now that that’s done, why couldn’t I do it?”
“You have wind, not a form of light. Sort of. Your part is needed to make up the white light, but you don’t have any form of light that could cast it out. You still have the magic power to destroy them when they’re out of the person, though. Let’s split into two groups. Leo, Sky, you expel, Cherry, Brian, maybe you can too, because your element is almost close, and… well, whatever. You cast the spirits out, and the pixies, Maya, Ukiki and Nikki, you zap ‘em.”
Lila was, again, given blank stares.
“Hold on. You were able to control my orb,” Maya said. “Maybe that goes both ways. Maybe I can cast them out. Oh, and something tells me you’d be able to control the others’ orbs, too, but I’m just saying that perhaps just because our element isn’t exactly a form of light doesn’t mean we can’t expel those things. Let’s separate into who can and who can’t, and then everybody just do what you can and destroy a buncha stuff. Ok?”
Everyone understood Maya.
“Sneak out and zap stuff,” Brian said.
“Pretty much,” Maya said. “Zap bad, protect fairies. Got it?  It’s like one of those shooting games in the back of pizza parlors where you aim at stuff and don’t aim at other stuff.”
Vigorous nods.
“So we just run in screaming?”
Lila opened her mouth in horror, but Maya beat her to it. “Yeah, whatever. Just go before Lila has time to speak Japanese. This is not a strategic battle, it’s just expel, zap, expel, zap, FAST. And NOW.”
Everyone left, even Lila, FAST and NOW.

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