My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 25

“Complicated,” Nikki said. “Very complicated.” She sighed. “There’s… it’s hard to explain. Listen carefully.”
Everyone, including Geraldine and Tika, scooted towards the fire to listen.
“It has to do with colors. You know all that junk they blabber at you in Art? Complimentary colors, all that? Well, if you never thought you’d use it, you guessed wrong. You see, whatever we’re fighting, if it’s so powerful that it would kill us as soon as we set foot anywhere but on this island without the secrets, must be pure evil, right?”
“Well, then I’ll explain like this. Complimentary colors are exact opposites. So I’m going to invent a little and say complimentary elements here to explain. Opposite elements. So, let’s say, Leo vs. ice spirit. Ok? Orange against blue. Fire melts ice. Fire wins. Lila vs. Drearie thingy. Yellow vs. purple, and yellow wins, because if light surrounds a shadow, the shadow can’t exist because a shadow is when an object blocks light. If it doesn’t have an object blocking the light, it ceases to exist. Bye bye Drearies. So since this is pure evil, it’s not a purple Drearie that used to be a faerie, it’s black. Black can only be cancelled out by white. But Lila can’t be white. She’s the lightest of our colors, and alone, compared to each of us alone, is the best at destroying evil.
“So? Why is it that we’re here, then? Well, I tell you, the only way we can get to a white element is with all of our elements combined. When red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet come together, it makes up the colors of the Sun’s light, which is white light. If split by a raindrop, it makes a rainbow. Taken the opposite way, it makes white. I rest my case,” Nikki said.
“Who’s red?” Jaymi asked.
“Oh, you’re pink magic. Pink, light red, what’s the difference? Pink is red with white in.”
“Wait. Violet? That’s purple. Does that mean…?” Brian asked.
Nicolas sighed. “We have purple. Shapees used to work for the bad guys, but they rebelled. Successfully. We’re not about to become slaves to them again. I an sorry to say, that may be why they came back. To retrieve us.”
“Nicolas, you know that’s not true.” This was Minda’s voice. “They want the orbs. If they get the unlimited power of the SMC orbs, they can take over everything. That’s why we hid.”
“You hid?”
“Yes. We didn’t think it would come to this. The evils are usually fought off by now. It’s much safer for everyone if we’re here, where evil can’t go. So we hid. Orbs from any other SMC than you guys, the chosen six or whatever, are completely useless to them. We’re kind of unstable, in a way. We can save the universe or destroy it. That depends on whose hands we are in. But I have a plan. I’m a Shapee orb, remember? Now, I can turn into Nicolas and be the bait. You guys have to hide and wait. While the evil is still here, the Sun comes out for only one hour. The rest is night. Now we have the secret. Oh, by the way, the other secret is the one that Leo was avoiding telling to us. There’s more than one kind of light. For example, you’d want Lila to light a cave, because you don’t want smoke from fire filling up the whole cave and suffocating you. Then when you need a more destructive light for fighting, use fire, because Lila won’t do anything but blind you for a second. Then if you have limited light, use leaves and water to reflect it all over the place. And if all there was, was light, no shadows, then who could sleep? Then the light would have no magic to it and be useless. And the wind… well, I’m not exactly sure what the wind does.”
“No,” Jaymi whispered, “You wouldn’t know.”

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