My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 24

“All right. So right now, here’s the situation,” Lila said. “In a nutshell, right now we’re on a very, very dangerous island. We have to stay on the very, very dangerous island. WE have to stay on the very, very dangerous island because – listen closely – if we went anywhere else, then it’s basically a case of YOU DIE NOW. The only thing that protects us from the YOU DIE NOW are the secrets on the island. So we stay on the island and find the secrets in the slightly less dangerous place rather than go and commit suicide by traveling somewhere else without the key to defeating the evil stuff there. Once we get the secrets, we go get the thirteenth faerie founder. The other person who was there but wasn’t there, if you know what I mean.”
Lila was given the Blank Face award.
“Oh, that’s right. You speak caveman. Grunt grunt. We stay on island. Grunt grunt. We get secret thingies. Grunt grunt. Then get pretty faerie thingy who name Jane. Grunt grunt. We no leave without secret thingies. Grunt. Understand?”
“Ohhhhh,” everyone said. Brian took the joke a bit farther and sat down and started licking his feet.
“I’m… quite scared now,” Maya said. “Um. Just smile and back away slowly.”
Everyone did. Brian kept licking his feet. He’d turned into a human again to hunt as he needed the archery practice, and had stepped in the dung of… well, he wasn’t quite sure what animal’s dung it was. “It’s not really that bad, guys…” he started, but everyone had backed away into their cabins. He heard faint cries of, “Mommy, make the scary thing-that-eats-questionable-things go away…”

Everybody sat in their respective cabins and thought about everything. Lila somehow knew that there was a secret here, the most important one, that was impossible for her to figure out, because of perspective. She didn’t know why she used the word perspective, and she didn’t know how to interpret this new knowledge, but she knew that the best she could do was go to sleep and hope.

Nikki had gathered everyone around the fire in the center of the village to explain history. She got a sudden urge to do this out of the blue. Awkwardly, everyone gathered as told and Nikki told them what she wanted them to do. Each Peterson was to explain their history, going in the order of realization, a method not commonly used. This was old magic. The order of realization was when a select group of SMC were involved in a common event that had to do with their turning into an SMC or, at the least, realizing it. This made sure that a sort of timeline of explanation was occurring in the right order. The big picture was revealed without confusion.
First Jaymi explained, as she never lost her memory, then Lila, then Maya and Leo, and then Nikki. Nikki told about very odd things happening. She and her friend, Sylvia, had gone to a pool on vacation, and they’d put some sort of chemical in the water that made her and Sylvia come to their senses. Then they’d traveled to Florida a year later and then she went for a swim again and met a very friendly shark – or, a shark that was friendly after he realized they were mermaids and he wasn’t allowed to eat them. He took them to the other mermaids and Nikki had made friends with the lead mermaid, Saria, and soon had a Tagari following her around. The Tagari were these little creatures who were a bit like a snake with four tentacles, but they swam, and kept rather horizontal when still. They had gray hair and what looked kind of like a veil that was white but transparent and reflected light. They were very odd creatures, but they shared the mermaids’ love of books and liked to read over their shoulder.
Anyway, Nikki and Sylvia helped the others move out of their deprived little plot of land over somewhere else. The mermaids were trying to fix up an old pirate ship that sank and propel it around underwater. Mermaids are horrible at repair jobs, however, so it was worse off than when it sank. Sylvia fixed that – architecture and technogeekiness were her specialties. So they moved, and Nikki vaguely remembered hiding in her bedroom and getting all up in armor and fighting something. She slashed off its head, which fell rather slowly, for a head, and then had her friend The Shark eat it. People were kinda grossed out, but it worked.
Then Brian barely needed to explain anything, because the others were with him most of the time. Nicolas added in, as a sidenote, that the person who made the game LostSword was a Shapee. This was pretty much just to shut Brian up; Nicolas used the fact as a bribe.
Then Nikki just stared at everyone. Why did I do this? She thought. Why did I bring everyone here?
Then she knew.

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