My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 16

After a while of looking around, Cherry finally found two bottles.

“Lila? Jane?”


“I have come to free you, but…”

That would be very hard to do without calling attention to herself, and probably getting captured. It would be too noisy. This is why: They were wrapped up like birthday presents!

“Just trust me.” Cherry turned and left them. Cherry waited the rest of the party until it was time for Day to open her presents. The party guests each brought their gifts to Day, and she opened them. Some of the guests were boys, and had absolutely NO idea how to shop for a girl.     Nevertheless, most had gotten Day some pretty good gifts, in a crummy way. Tacky dress-up sunglasses and feather boas did not seem to interest Day too much, but she tried to pretend she really liked them. Day was not a good actor. Some of the boys whispered,

“Well, I tried.”

One of the boys actually got Day a dart gun, which she seemed to like more than the girly dress-up accessories. He seemed to know her better.

Maybe he was actually a friend, Cherry thought, remembering how Day hadn’t even asked Cherry’s name to hesitate inviting her to her party, instead of someone who walked past her on the street.

“Thank you all for coming. You have all given Deja very nice gifts.” Day’s father said.  “I have a very special gift for her.”

Cherry had a bad feeling about this. Sure enough, the two bottles containing Lila and Jane got carried outside, and plopped in the grass.

“Ooh! It’s a big one!” Day looked eager. She quickly tore off the paper, revealing the fairies. Cherry figured this would happen.

“What are they, Daddy?” Day asked.

“They’re fairies, Deja. Real fairies. You can keep them in the bottles, or convince them to grant you a wish.”

“I hate to keep them trapped in the bottles,” Day said, pushing out her lower lip.

She pulled the corks off of the bottles. The fairies sprang out. They were still small from being trapped in the bottles.

“I wish I never had to do homework again!” Day blurted out. “Do whatever you need to, as long as I don’t have to do homework.”

Lila pointed her finger at her other palm and a mug of hot chocolate appeared in her hand.

“Drink this and you never will.” The tutors never gave out homework unless you asked them to.

Day gulped it down.

“On the count of three, grab my hand. You too, Cherry.”

Day’s father started toward them with a butterfly net.

“THREE!” They all grabbed hands and flew off.

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