My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 23

Everyone stared rather blankly at Lila. Lila herself adopted a very firm, I’m-not-joking-guys expression.
“Well, you can stare all you want, but I’m with Lila,” Jaymi said. “We know how to deal with Lurking Spirits now, so other things can’t be too bad, can they?”
“They can,” Lila said. “They can be deadly. But anything anywhere else won’t even give us a chance. Not without the secrets. We need them first. Then we go. It’s not do or don’t, it’s do it or we’re dead. We don’t have a choice. It’s not our fault if we are magic, or have the power to save the universe, or are the only ones who get to learn secrets on a deserted island and be like heroes and heroines in books or video games–” (Brian glanced at Nicolas out of the corner of his eye) “–and it’s not anyone else’s fault either. WE have no choice, and the only reason there is a ‘chosen one junk’ is because the people saying it are just telling us that we don’t have a choice, period, and we can be just like the video game characters we all know and love. And gush, and be all, ‘oh, nooooo! What are you talking about? You’re mad, no, that’s not right at all! This can’t be happening!’ or you can be sensible and get the job done, over with, and out of the way and move on. That’s all the choice we have here. To freak or not to freak, that is the question.” Lila stopped and scanned her audience to see if anyone had gotten the joke, but everyone’s face was blank and nobody said anything at all. They were busy trying to figure out what the heck Lila said. But Lila knew how to snap them into attention. She sighed, headed toward her cabin and stopped, a grin on her face, which the others couldn’t see. They started towards her, and she turned around. “Just checking to see if you’re awake!

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