My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 22

Light. Not the flimsy light for looking around, but a more blunt, armored light for battle. Lila could rid the world of Drearies all she wanted and bring hope everywhere singing and skipping along a path with butterflies, and she had all the love of a faerie, but she couldn’t stand the brute force of a real enemy. Leo could. There was always more than one kind of light in the world. Leo’s battle spells had worked, and whatever it was had faded into the sunlight. Lila had stopped breathing and had no pulse again, and Maya had started CPR by the time Leo turned back to the group. She stopped when Lila’s eyes turned from the dull gray back to the brilliant turquoise again and Lila said, “Ouch! Stop! What the heck are you doing?”
Maya sat up and said, “You passed out on us for a second. It’s a long story.”
“In a nutshell, you got all, like, possessed by a Shaede or something, and then Leo, argued with us because, for a minute, you, like, stopped breathing and your pulse stopped, Maya checked, and, like, then you were back to normal but your eyes were all gray and red, and we all thought you were ok except Leo, and he, like freaked out and got, like, totally enraged and then he cast the Shaede out and, like, totally killed it! It was, like, cool and scary and horrifying all at once!” Jaymi proclaimed.
Lila just stared. Everyone just stared. “Oooo–kaaaaaayyyy…”
“Well, that’s what HAPPENED,” Jaymi said, totally unembarrassed.
Leo’s eyes returned from the fiery rage scene to the normal deep green of the island forest. “We need to leave here. There may be more Shaedes around.”
“No!” Lila screamed in a panic. “No. Number one, we NEED to stay on this island for nine days. There are secrets here. And two, that was not a Shaede. Shaedes don’t take over things. They kill 100 or so of any new species they find and then they leave everyone alone, and they kill because they are afraid of  the SMC attacking. They find easy kills in the night, and they don’t take prisoners. That was a Lurking Spirit. They’re the ones that take down enemies slowly and eat away at them. And as Leo has saved me from one, I’d like to thank him now, but regardless of all dangers, we have to stay here because everywhere else is even more dangerous. I see it in my dreams. We are the Heroes, the chosen six, and I know that you’ve heard all this junk before, but we can’t control it and we don’t need to like it. The best we can do is to satisfy everyone, save the universe and get it over with. The only thing we can control is ourselves. WE have to deal with that and work with it. It’s all we have.”

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