My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 21

Nikki sighed. “Good, she’s still alive.”
“Oh, no, she’s not,” Leo said.
“But she’s breathing, and her pulse is back,” Maya said.
“No. That is NOT my little sister. No.”
“Looks fine to me. See, her eyes are getting blue again.”
“No. Lila’s eyes would never have even a hint of gray, and never red. No.”
“Come on, Leo. Nobody’s buying this.”
“She has a shadow.” Leo didn’t even look up from staring at Lila.
“Leo, everyone has a shadow. Get over it.”
“NO!” Leo spun around fast, fire in his own eyes. He’d reached the bottom of his element and his temper, and had more magic than any dragon could possibly hold. He bared his teeth. “She may be breathing, but a part of her is not living – or, it won’t be if we don’t heal her fast. The fate of the universe depends on it.”
“Leo, I think you’re the one who needs healing,” Jaymi said. “Seriously!”
Leo had met Lila’s gaze again, but he spun once more, this time so fast that his tail smacked Lila’s ankles. His nose was not even an inch from Jaymi’s.
“You dare to doubt a dragon’s prediction?”
“Well, what do we do?”
Leo thought for a moment. He sighed, his breath hot, making Jaymi step back. “There are… secrets, and beings in the forest and on the island. There are secrets that I found not a year ago. The secrets are the only thing that can save Lila, and the universe too. We’ll take care of the universe, but we can’t do it without Lila, and we need to take care of her first.”
Leo turned back to Lila, put a paw on her chest, and howled, “EXPEL!”
Lila’s shadow vanished – or, rather, it tried to dash away into the forest, but not before Leo took his paw off of Lila, stood on his hind legs, and shouted, “STAY!” Then he ignored Maya’s snickering at the dog command, and even more anger flashed in his eyes. The same – almost the same – creature that attacked Leo in his own home had attacked HIS little sister. HIS. When his own relatives had angered him, he could keep from casting magic. But Leo, as a dragon, was built for battle and could not hold back on a creature that attacked HIS little sister. He saw the creature, which looked like a spot of darkness creeping along…
… and killed.

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