My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 14

“Hmmm. She hasn’t been around the castle for a week. That’s odd.” Sky wondered what happened. She decided to go to Lila’s apartment and check.

The place was empty. Had something happened? The queen had a magic mirror which allowed her to see the approximate location of the two fairies, and a video clip of their current action. The approximate location was a house five blocks down the street, but the video was blurry.

“Oh no. They didn’t. Didn’t they pay attention to Master of Disguise?”

Sky went to the house. It was just as she thought. Lila and Jane were trapped in bottles!

Sky went back to Faerie land and got Cherry. This is when you find out how Cherry is different. Cherry has a special ability. A little girl walked out of the house. Cherry immediately changed her shape and size to a little girl’s. She had been sent by Sky to spy and figure out how to free Lila and Jane.

“I’m havin’ a birthday party tomorrow. Wanna come?”

This was just the thing Cherry needed to get into the house and find how to free the fairies!

“Sure,” Cherry said coolly.

The little girl handed Cherry an envelope.

“It’s at noon tomorrow, like it says on the card! Bye!” The little girl skipped off happily.

Cherry shrunk back to her normal three-inch size and went to tell Sky what she had found out.

She had a mission now, and wasn’t about to fail it.

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