My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 13

Lila awoke in a hospital. She tried to remember something, anything, about yesterday. Finally, she could remember one thing clearly: the song. It seemed to be all she could remember. She wished she had paper to write the song on – it might jog her memory, and that way she wouldn’t forget the song itself. After thirty minutes of being lost in thought, the nurse came in and Lila was forced to let her run her little checkup stuff, and everything, and then the other nurse came in with breakfast, which she set on the table beside Lila’s bed. Then came the dreaded words: And the mail… The faerie lugged in a huge black garbage bag filled with nothing but fan mail. Great… Lila always seemed to be getting lots of unusual stuff in the mail. If she found hot chocolate again…

Except for one letter. One envelope refused to be pink, yellow, blue, green or purple. It was in fact white.  Being the odd child that she is, Lila reached for that one first.

Of course, Sky had written this one. It read: Keep the Song of the Six not only in your heart and mind, but also your pocket. She had included paper and a pencil. Lila had no idea what the name of the song meant, but she knew that it was very important, something not to be forgotten.

So the Drearies are defeated, Faerie land is at peace, and everyone is happy.

Lila and Jane visit often, and occasionally stay the night at their apartments.


WAIT! That wasn’t part of the ending! There must be another chapter!

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