My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 19

Cherry told everyone what the shadow told her.
“And there’s a reason why it told me, not Lila or anyone else. What makes me different? Well, I was in a faerie form for so long, and I was considered to be the faerie of wisdom. I did help found Faerie land, but I myself am a Shapee. So that means that there is yet another founder that we haven’t… um, found.”
“That’s convoluted,” sad Maya, emerging from the forest.
“Oh, the old times show through,” said Hazel.
“The farthest a dog can run into a forest is until he reaches the middle,” Emma said. “After that, he’s running out.”
“True,” Hazel said. “I’m guessing that the stories of how you guys got back to your owners are pretty long ones, so I won’t ask.
“You got that right.”
“Well, what do we do now? It’s been six days.”
“We leave for Faerie Land. I think I know who the other faerie is. But we travel by Jaymi’s magic. Mine isn’t working right. I can’t trust myself to do any battling right now. It’s because of what the wind told me.”
“I haven’t seen the wind’s magic yet,” said Nikki. “Are you sure we should leave now?”
“Yes,” Leo said. “You haven’t seen the wind, but you didn’t need to. You saw your own element, it just didn’t talk because you knew what you were doing, sort of. Sort of. No one really knows what they’re doing in a dream.”
Lila is the little miniature celebrity. Pah! Leo thought. Of course wind and light will talk to her. She’s Little Miss Magic and any problems she has are all, “Oh, noooo! Oh, such an inconvenience! Oh yes, I’m going to defeat the enemy by SINGING! LALALALALALALA!” Of course her magic has been messed with by whatever we’re fighting. She can’t ever have a weak point, because she’s just perfect.  Leo sniffed, then looked the other way to hide the anger in his eyes.
I wish I had Leo’s role, Lila thought. He doesn’t have to deal with all this stupid chosen one crud.
Lila sighed, then slumped a bit before standing up straight again. Maya, knowing what each was thinking, died laughing.

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