My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 18

Maya woke up with Hazel lying on the ground above her head.
“Uggggghhh. Stupid dream. Tried to end before I got in. I told it otherwise, though. Caught it off guard. It’s very sensitive to improper contractions. Of course, I coulda split an infinitive, too, but I just blurted out the first thing popped into my head.”
“What are you talking about?” Maya asked.
“Don’t ya know? You used to be very big on English when you were little. Always telling on your brothers for ending sentences with the word “to” and correcting all their spelling errors. I thought it was funny, just this miniature English teacher trotting around, screaming grammar rules at people,” Hazel laughed. “You were cute.”
Maya blushed in slight embarrassment with a hint of teacher’s-pet pride. She wondered, slightly more embarrassed…
“Yes, I can see the slight pride,” Hazel said. “You’re not going to hide it. Your expression says it all.”
Maya blushed more and said, “Hazel, we’d better get back to camp now.” There was something in the way she said the word now.
Hazel subconsciously grinned to herself.

One person had been ignored. Cherry had sat in Lila’s handbag for too long. She turned into a gnat and flew out, wondering if Lila was in trouble and had left her bag somewhere. But no, she hadn’t caused any trouble at all and was forgotten. Now she made herself reappear. She’d had a dream, too. She’d watched Lila converse with the wind and the light, and a shadow had spoken to her.
There is one more.

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