My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 12

The two marched onto the battlefield. Sky had given Jane a key too.

“Oh my.” Jane’s eyes got big. The Drearies looked horrible:

Torn, jagged purple wings

Purple hair that looked like it hadn’t been brushed in ten years

The teeth that WERE still there were sharp and looked painful if they sunk into, say, a finger

A face that was indescribably beat up

Torn black shirt and black jeans with a belt that looked like it was about to bust – or has already done so

Barefoot with toenails that you don’t want to know about
Lila was speechless. What would happen if she couldn’t beat them? She shook her head. That was a question she didn’t want to find an answer to. She was trapped. There was no way out of this battle she had wriggled herself into.

No. There had to be. But what? She couldn’t beat them the old-fashioned, sword-and-shield way – they were too tough. Lila knew this because a few of her soldiers had been trying to ward them off while Lila was lost in thought.

They were losing.

She knew only one other way… and that was magic. She didn’t know how to use magic except for making the hot chocolate potions. She didn’t think the Drearies would fall for that.

Jane shook Lila and tried to “bring her back to the real world”, but Lila shook it off and tried to remember something… something that was thought to be lost a long time ago. Someone… or something… was calling her. But what? Sleepy and confused, Lila simply stood there. She hung on to that one thought, that one word on the tip of her tongue…

She remembered what it was! A song, lost in the mists of time, but lost no more. Magic. How did she know this song? There was no clue. She knew its history, its origin, even its name, but not how she knew it so well, word for word…

“Lila! This is no time to go crazy!” Jane shook Lila harder. Lila shook her head as the words of the song unintentionally fell from her lips: The Song of the Six.

“I fly over the treetops

I am carried by the wind

I am showered in the sunlight

The good will always win

“I swim the tidal waters

I change shape and form

I find the fire here

Do not be forlorn

“I am the one to fix this

To banish evil here

No more evil in this land

No more plotting, planning, fear.”
At that instant, Lila fainted. She alone did not have enough magic to defeat this amount of evil, but every faerie, everywhere, in the streets or in the buildings, cast up their magic, which was whisked into the spell and taken to the evil army.

What evil army?

The Drearies were standing there, but they weren’t. Restored to their former faerie form, there were only fairies left. Jane, unlike all the other fairies, still had some magic left. She took Lila to the hidden fort and used the rest of her magic to help heal her. She then took Lila to safety.

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