My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 11

“The Drearies are coming soon. Here is a key to your hidden refuge center. If you need something, press the green button. You will find yourself in a fort…. thing. There’s water and medical supplies and all that stuff. Try killing ten Drearies, then go to your fort and re-hydrate. You will get thirsty a lot. Use this technique until you find one that you like, or your instincts kick in. Follow your instincts. To get out of the fort, press the red button. Keep in mind that once you do so, you will end up in the same spot as when you pushed the green button. This can be very strategic, and you can easily catch a crowd by surprise,” Sky instructed. “Here is your dagger, and your armor. There is a reason the leg armor is three inches thick. Drearies are absolutely wonderful fighters, and that is why our police system did not – could not put them in jail to rot. Go put your armor on. You’re part of a prophecy – so no pressure!”

“Oh great. What about Jane?”

“She will fight with you. Tell her I said to put her armor on.”

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