My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 16

Searching, searching, searching…
Maya was looking for trees that looked like the ones in her dream. Right near the middle of the forest, she heard a groan, and Jaymi popped up from the undergrowth.
“What happened?” Maya asked.
“Long story,” Jaymi said. “Why are you out here?”
“Long story,” Maya said. “But I’ll tell you anyway. You’ll think I’m weird, though, so I’m warning you now.”
“Everything on this island is weird,” Jaymi said. “Go right ahead, it’ll make sense compared to the rest of this place.”
Maya told her.
“Well, you say the ground was gritty, but you could barely see anything? When the sun came up, which side of the island was it on?”
Maya thought a minute, then pointed.
“Then it’s on that side of the island, where the sand meets the forest. Let’s go look,” said Jaymi.
The plant was there, but it didn’t talk. Maya stared at it. Jaymi stared at it. Without taking her eyes off the plant, Maya said, quietly, “Jaymi, you can go ahead and start on back to camp. Don’t come looking for me. Don’t let anyone come looking for me. I have to stay here. Don’t ask questions, just go. There are secrets here, not just right here, but on the entire island. I’m still piecing it all together.”
Jaymi’s eyes got big, then she whirled on her heels and left, obediently, without a word.

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