My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 10

First on their schedule was Jija, who would teach them swordsmanship. Jane and Lila got out their copies of Wielding a Dagger.

“Hold it like this, being careful not to chop your finger off… That’s it, good work. Now sharpen your dagger, and slash through this block of hay the size of a Drearie. Get used to that height, now. When you are fighting Drearies, slash their arms off first so they can’t attack back at you. It is also easy to hand their ammo to your own soldiers,” Jija said, then stuck a few sticks into the now-battered hay.


“Practice what?” Lila wasn’t sure.

“Practice choppin’ a Drearie’s arms off!”

Lila gave her a weird look, then hit the sticks off the eight-inch-high pile of hay.

“Good. Class dismissed. Tomorrow, we’re going to write a three-paragraph paper on why slicing your finger off is a bad thing.” The teacher folded her arms and nodded in satisfaction.

This class needed Master Of Disguise, taught by Lola. “If you don’t want to be seen as a faerie, press your wings together and they will disappear. They will still be there, but only close relatives who believe in fairies, close friends, and you can see them. However, you can’t use them, because obviously that would blow your cover. Sometimes it is better to play it safe and do this than try to fly away, especially when the person you’re escaping from has a net.” Lola gave a demonstration.

Lola continued going on and on about this subject. When she finished, Lila and Jane went to Making Camp, then Finding Food. Then they went to Cherry’s for lunch. It wasn’t very crowded. For a week, then two, then three, then a whole month. They spent the summer there.

Then the queen said, “You’re ready. I hope.”

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