My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 14

It is that night that Maya tells the plant her plan. It can’t speak English – but can it speak Chikian? Yes, it can! It tells Maya her quest: She must find the plant in the real world.
“But you must remember,” the plant says in Chikian, “that this island’s dreamworld duplicate is more dangerous than you think. The evils are released in the dayworld, but they are bound to the night and to dreams. This island is full of magical things, good and bad. Beware the Lurking Spirits. You don’t want to meet one of them. Be ready to protect the entire group from fire attacks and plague. Imps and Lurking Spirits, along with the gruesome Deathwolves, well… they make a pretty freaky island. You notice, of course, that nobody lives here except them.”
“And you,” Maya adds.
“I don’t live here,” the plant replies. “Or, I’m not supposed to. I haven’t seen you since you were a child.”
“Ohhh… of course!” Maya realizes who she is talking to. “You’re… Honey? No, that’s not right.”
“Hazel. No, we haven’t met for a long time.”
“Dawn is coming. I need to find your duplicate. I’m going to make a run for it.” Maya runs for the horizon.

In the mind of Jaymi, a lot is going on. It seems that on this island, everyone knows when they are dreaming. It seems real. That is because, in a way, it is…
Jaymi is in a round room, with a breeze in it, and although there is no way in and no way out, there are people there and wind, and nobody feels trapped. Jaymi finds herself in a dance she can barely control. The wind picks up a little, and it turns into a small whirlwind that would go around the room, and every once in a while, one of the dancers would freeze and fade away.     Jaymi stayed in the dance, and after a while, she was the only one still whirling through the room. Her hair was graying, and she realized that the whole dream was a metaphor for life. There was only one way to get out…
She jumped into the whirlwind.

Leo was dreaming something like this; there was an opera house, and it seemed that everyone was claustrophobic in there. He knew he would be trapped in there forever listening to the singer hit the same high note and hold it for much, much longer than was humanly possible. There was one solution, as, like Jaymi’s dilemma, there was no door: He burned the place to the ground, but he made the flames turn only the building to ash. Poof! The dust settled, and everyone left.
Right where the very top of the building used to be, there was his fiery orb, just sitting there, He flew up and as soon as he touched it, was sent back to the “real” real world.
Leo woke up without a quest.

Nikki dreamt of a pirate ship on which she was trapped, and she had been on this ship for over 24 hours and was water-deprived. But right next to her was a little space where he ship’s rail had gone missing. She bumped her cage over to it, and slid off the ship and into the water. She sank into the bottom of the shallow waters in which the ship had been docked, and there was an oyster. She opened it by instinct; Nikki loved to search for pearls. There wasn’t a pearl, but there was her orb, which woke her up. Nikki also left without a quest.

Brian was in his favorite game, LostSword. The game actually did give him the health of his character and he actually did have to win the game to survive. But he did. Of course he did. The faerie appeared again (it was Lila, the same faerie from earlier, in case you were wondering) and gave him his orb again. So he, too, woke without any quest. He was actually expecting one, and felt a little disappointed. Oh well.

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