My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 12

“It’d be best if we just start moving. It doesn’t matter if they goof off if we’re on our way. If they want to stay here and doodle around, we don’t need them,” Nikki whispered. Maya nodded, and they just walked into the forest, leaving Brian and Leo behind.
After five minutes, the boys stopped joking around and caught up with Maya and Nikki. Then they started laughing at each other again. It went on like this until they got to the cave. Maya trotted in, and Nikki jumped into the stream. They split up, and so did Brian and Leo.
Maya went through a few long halls of dank, dripping cave and then saw a clearing. An expert on nature, Maya knew that when a cave wall is wet, it usually means that nobody has ever touched it. All of the walls were wet, so more than likely nobody had been here before. Or was too smart to touch anything. Maya felt like this was the route she was supposed to take. Like it was a destiny.
Or a setup.
Leo, in the middle of the first room he entered, saw a torch, just waiting there for him, like it knew he was going to pass that way. However, he knew better than to light it. In a cave, there were little places to let out smoke. Lighting it would be foolish. Leo felt like this was the route he was supposed to take.
Nikki did not enter a hall – she followed the stream until it was very deep and dipped into the ocean a little. It was a very large cave. No one else could possibly follow this route. There was a slab of rock that reached down too far for a swimmer to reach without a submarine – and no submarine could possibly ever fit into so narrow a spot. Only a mermaid could ever go through. Nikki felt like this was the route she was supposed to take.
Brian did not enter a hall either. He turned into a mouse and darted into a small hole in the wall the size of a basketball. He came to a place where he couldn’t move more; there was a wall that covered half the opening that the mouse couldn’t reach. He turned into an ant and continued along, finally coming to a clearing. The path he took would not be followed by any other life form that had the brains of a plant. Even if they traded said brains for grape bubble gum. Brin felt like this was the route he was supposed to take.
In the clearing it was large enough for Leo to reach, if he had a pathway. In fact, there was a pathway. He scurried into the clearing and turned into a human again. Wait a minute… Leo was IN the pathway! And Maya was in another pathway! Nikki was in the stream! They might as well have never split up. They stared at each other until Maya broke the ice.
“Hey, anyone else feel like they were supposed to go along the path they took?”
Nods all around.
Nikki asked the question burning on everyone’s mind. “Was this planned?”
Now you’re probably asking, where’s Lila? She’s probably off on some thingy, but what about the weird message? That message was creepy! What happened?
Lila was relaxing on the far side of the island, getting magic from the sunlight. SMC tended to need to use their elements a lot more in survival mode. Lila had learned to absorb magic while asleep. Little did the others know that Lila was a mile away, dreaming on the beach. The magic in the natural sunlight was influencing her dreams. She was dreaming about…
“Hello?” Lila calls. She is in an empty field, with few trees and long grass. It is a starry night, but now the stars are fading. A wind picks up and blows Lila’s hair into her face. She brushes it away and looks to the navy blue field of fading stars adorning the sky. The wind writes in the sky.
Hello… good evening…
“Who are you?” Lila whispers into nowhere.
I am… the magic on the wind… the ocean breeze that caresses this island…
“And I am not a pixie. Why are you here?” says Lila, still speaking softly.
So you are not. The pixies, however, use the most magic. They rely on the winds to keep up their lifestyle. That is why I am here. There has been… something… and I sense that a strong magic has been meddled with. A magic that is not the meddler’s own.
Don’t mind the wind, Lila, another voice says, not in sky writing but instead one of the nearby stars speaking. He tends to speak in a giant riddle. Only the pixies can truly understand him. You, Lila are one of great magic. Wind magic does not understand you. But you know who I am, of course. We’ve met before.
Lila nods. This is her own, her light power speaking. The light took the stars to talk with, but wind does not have a home as light in a star, such as the Sun, and instead uses writing.
This is not to be taken lightly, the wind says. Show your power level and your cleverness  first. We will allow you to pass only then.
Then the light says, I’ve seen you do magic. You’re past my test. The wind expects something, though. Do that thingy again. The one where you got all that fanmail. That one that was a pain in the you-know-where. Don’t expect this guy to send you a bajillion cards, though.
So Lila sings the Song of the Six and impresses the wind with magical ability.
“And about the cleverness. You know the star over there, the one talking? The light energy? Well, do you know her name?”
We have a thousand names. You cannot possibly guess them all. The wind looks as doubtful as ever wind can look.
“Yes, but the one bit speaking in this particular star I know personally. She is glowing yellow, and her name is Emma. She is my orb, my source of magic power. You have thousands of names, for you are thousands of different orbs.”
Incredible. You may pass. You shall have the information you seek.
A scroll appears. Lila takes it.
Lila woke up with it in her hand. It said:
Your magic has been messed with.

That was all it said.

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