My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 11

It was the next morning. Nobody suspected any trouble at first. That was how people get IN trouble; the unsuspecting are always targeted. Now you’re leaning forward in suspense and suspicion. What happened? Well, a lot of things.
Since Leo was an overachiever, he had made everyone their own hut. There was no trouble in the first part of morning. Geraldine woke up first, and there was a nice breeze blowing, so she sat out and absorbed the power and magic carried on the wind that only pixies can use. Then she used some of that magic on getting a frying pan.
Ah, California. California and its forests and mountains and waterfalls… and beaches. The lovely beaches. On the beach, there are nice looking houses with a sea view. In this one, the owners are still asleep.
Not for long.
A very large frying pan made a loud CLANCKLANGBANG (waking everyone up) as it dragged itself out of the cupboard, almost as if there were a very large magnet pulling it along. By the time the owner of the house realized she was short a frying pan, she was realizing that said frying pan was out the door and in her sea view, being carried away by the ocean. And then, as it disappeared behind the waves, the only thing there was to show for it was the sound of a high-pitched, giggly laugh. Or rather, the echo of one.
Oh, Geraldine’s magic had done well. It brought her, on the ocean, a very large frying pan made of stainless steel, which she showed to Nikki, who had woken up while the pan was being washed away from the Californian coast and its real owner, whose name was Dana and who was rather annoyed that breakfast would require a trip to the store.
Geraldine, on the other hand, had essentially just gone to the store and was cooking bacon. Everyone gradually woke up, and some got up bright and early, while others took a long time to rise. At 10:00, Brian was rolling around and snorting in his tent, being poked with a stick by Leo, who had woken up three hours ago.
It is not very nice to be woken up by a full-grown dragon, especially when he occupies most of your beach hut. This was, however, the next to last attempt at waking Brian, as everyone else had tried everything from sticks and stones to pixie magic, and Nikki got all excited over the snort she got from throwing a water ball up his nose. The last attempt would be to have Leo pick Brian’s nose with a claw, which they got from Nikki (“Well, if I got him to snort, what would happen if…?!”), but who “nose” what they’d find up there. Leo was rather thankful that this attempt worked. At first, nobody wanted Leo to do anything, but after a water ball the size of a birthday cake didn’t work, and an actual birthday cake didn’t work, they were kinda out of options. In the commotion, they didn’t notice someone was missing. But Brian did.
“Hey, why are you giving me a hard time when Lila’s still asleep?”
“Funny, Lila’s usually up at 6:00, no later,” Nikki said.
“She shouldn’t be that hard to wake up, not like SOME PEOPLE.” Maya glared at Brian. “I’ll handle this.
Maya went in, and Brian was told the story of why he had birthday cake in his hair.
Maya came out in five seconds without Lila, and reported that she wasn’t there.
“Ukiki’s missing, too. I’ve known her quite a while, and quite a while is more than long enough to know that A, she’s off on some daring and possibly slightly stupid and far-fetched adventure, and B, she’s left a note. I’m going to go search her cabin.” She trotted on in, and the others guessed at what she was doing. They were probably joking around more than they should have been, but all the same, Maya came out with a note in Ukiki’s neat handwriting. It said:

I’m with Lila. Don’t freak out. We’re safe, just go look for the orbs. -Ukiki

Then Lila, who knew that Maya had found the note, sent a message, writing over it:

Ifr yodu ckan reaedd thissa thran dien ksfiejsd frart sdfoiejm. Kdjiem deri asdkjf hjdi kdi obbs. -Ksdfiem

Ukiki sent a message over Lila’s message, saying,

Still don’t freak out if that came out weird. Just find the orbs. -Ukiki

Maya took on an expression of concern, regardless, and showed all of the notes to everyone. “We can’t lose our head. We’ve got to find the orbs.”
Brian said, “Yeah. If we lose our head, where are we going to get another one? Oh, and by the way, I already lost my brain and all I’m capable of doing is playing video games. Losing my head can’t be too different.” He grinned.
Leo said, “That’s true. Oh wait! Brian, you didn’t lose your brain, you traded it for a pack of bubble gum at recess in third grade, remember?”
“Oh yeah! It was grape bubble gum,” he added.

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