My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 10

As the group reached the place where the mermaids’ kingdom resides, they grew rather exhausted at the prospect of having to swim back. Jaymi was too tired to cast any more magic spells to return them to the surface, so Lila would have to. Unfortunately, Lila was a faerie, not a pixie, and not used to magic spells. Faeries did things the regular way, not magic-spell this and pixie-wand that. So after Nikki joined the group, Lila tried casting a magic spell to get them to Faerie land, so they wouldn’t have to deal with any humans. (Chikian lands were only accessible by the Chikian magics, and only through trees. A tree wouldn’t really hold all of them.)
That didn’t exactly work. Lila almost got it right – but not close enough. Unfortunately, she got the party right BELOW Faerie land’s cloud.
It was a strange fall. A leaf slapped Maya in the face. Jaymi was beaten by the same wind that gave her strength. Wait! The same wind that gave her strength! She sprang back from exhaustion and cast the transportation spell that would get them to a deserted island.
No one knew what happened during that spell – perhaps it happened during their fall – but when it all settled down, the orbs were all gone and Maya had wings. She was peeling the leaf off of her cheek and making a face.
“The evil thingy took them from you,” Jaymi said. “It must have. You had them, and then… the leaf hit you. I think you just needed to find the right kind of leaf. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. We know now, so… although the orbs are gone and we have no real magic power, we can still travel to other land. It’ll take a while, though.”
“None of us really want to keep going like that. That’s actually a really bad idea. A, we’re all exhausted, B, we don’t know which direction to travel in, C, the humans will spot us the second we approach, and D, I can sense the orbs nearby. So let’s build camp right here. Someone can build a pool for Nikki – I hear mermaids are really bad at building, and she’ll be busy purifying water. None of us panic – I can’t count how many survival books I’ve read. In fact – !” Maya pulled one from her bag. “Yes! I have one with me! Ha! Leo, I’m leaving you in charge of building camp and making a fire. Geraldine, Tika, help Leo. Lila, it’ll be dark soon. Jaymi, I want you to gather wood. Nikki, purify some water and keep it in… well, I’ll bring you some watertight edible leaves. Brian, turn into… something and hunt for meat. Watch for poison ivy. I really don’t want to hunt for jewelweed in the dark. I’ll find some edible greens to eat. Everyone start now!”
Nobody objected to having a Chikian survival leader. They knew how to set up camp. Maya came back with a bunch of edible leaves, then found a hollow log to enlarge.  Leo had made more comfortable huts than that, and he’d used his massive paws to dig a fancy pool for Nikki with a roof and everything. Maya didn’t really have to enlarge very many logs, because Leo had it covered. They had a bunch of huts with a campfire in the middle.
“Village in a day,” said Maya, making tea with the tea bags she carried. Maya was not one to come unprepared. “And a boat tomorrow. We’ll look perfectly normal just sailing along. Just a perfect disguise.”
The fire shrunk, threatening to go out, but Geraldine threw some palm leaves onto it (habit) and Leo lit it back up (also habit).
“But we find the orbs first. They’re probably in this cave I passed while hunting,” Brian said.
“Right,” Tika said. “We’re going to need to explore that cave thoroughly. Besides, doesn’t everyone like spelunking?” Jaymi and Geraldine cringed a little, Brian and Leo yelled, “Yeah!”, Maya, Lila and Ukiki shrugged and mumbled, “Boys…” and Nikki said, “I don’t have enough magic to travel out of water anyway. I really don’t…” But Leo and his crew had built her a wheelchair (by what little magic was left, he, Geraldine and Tika had managed something).
“Oh, you.” Nikki made a face. She did NOT want to go.
“You’re coming with us, whether you want to or not! Yes, I know. We got kinda bored after the village was done.”

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