My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 8

The dragon forest was alive with activity. Warriors were practicing swordplay and magicians were practicing battle magic. Everything was going on at once, and nobody could see Leo among the many dragons. Lila even slipped through the crowds of dragons and did a thorough search but did not find Leo. They finally found him in his room, drawing weapon designs.
Leo looked up from his work to meet Lila’s gaze. “What do you want now?”
Lila responded, jerking a thumb in Brian’s direction, “Not what I want. What he wants.”
Brian said, “Not what I want, what this thing wants!”
The orb said, “Not what I want, but what… oh crud.”
Minda laughed at Nicolas’s color, which was now bright pink. Lila noticed that Brian and Cherry’s orbs changed color while hers stayed a pleasant yellow. She figured it was a Shapee thing.
Correct, a voice in the back of her head said. Orb, the voice said in explanation.
Leo’s voice snapped her back into reality. “So, whoever wants it, what do you want in the first place?”
“We need you to come with us on our trip to find the rest of our family. We’re off to Maya’s next. I think I can send her a magical message if you have a sticky note. She’ll be studying the Chikian language right about now,” Lila said.
“Always with tricks up your sleeve, you fairies.” Cherry shook her head.
“What’s with all the battle practice?” Brian asked.
“Happens every year. Why do we need to get our family together anyway?”
“We’ll explain on the way. I’m pretty sure Nicolas is tired of repeating himself, so either Minda or Cherry will tell you. Emma and I need to keep light, and Brian and Nicolas need to scout ahead and protect us. Brian can change into a lion or something. Hand me that sticky note.” Lila sent the message and they were soon met by a Chiki who was assigned the job of chauffeur. He gave a puzzled look to the variety of creatures he escorted but kept quiet. The princess had given him an order and he was not to question it. That was what Maya was – the monarchy that the Chikik had requested. The Chikik wanted to be kept on a tight and steady lead, always the same, instead of confusion.     Maya had proved herself in battle. They awarded her power and she offered protection from the devious. They were a good match, but with all this going on, Maya did not notice any change in appearance or powers. Her powers seemed natural to her and she did not even realize she didn’t have them before when she first used them. In guarding, she had not noticed that her ears were pointy.
I don’t care what you were told about elven princesses. Maya did not wear poofy gowns that make you look like you have an umbrella shoved
up your keister whilst fighting. No. I don’t write remakes of pixie stories where all the little butterflies help with global warming and save the magic forest. If you want that, put this book down and run for your life, because you are in for it. I mean seriously in for it. My job is to write an interesting, unique fantasy story with a mythical battle-between-good-and-evil theme. No Tinkerbell here, just Jaymi – and she fights. Ahem. Anyway.
Maya had the whole story explained AGAIN, then trotted along with the rest. She ended up bringing a Chikian soldier along. Ukiki was introduced to the group.
Brian climbed onto Leo’s back, Maya called an eagle to ride on, and Lila spread her own wings.
“So, the next stop is Florida, to go and get Nikki?” Brian asked.
“No, of course not!” Lila said. “Nikki can’t fly or call an eagle, and she probably doesn’t want to ride on a fire creature. Water and fire never mix. Plus, I bet she needs water to swim in so that she doesn’t dry out. We’re off to the pixie forest next. But I bet my twin won’t recognize me. I probably won’t recognize her, either.”
“No problemo. I can predict the future. I figured this out a while ago.” Leo said. “The pixie you want will have a jade ring with a sword etched into it.”
“Good. Now we must leave.”

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