My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 7

“Should we set off? We do need to go soon, light or not.”
“First we need provisions, Minda. There will be a journey to the dragon forest, to Florida, to California…”
“Wait a minute! Who’s in California?” Cherry asked.
“My twin sister.”
“What twin sister?” Everyone looked at Lila like she was crazy.
“The one in California. She’s a pixie.”
“Hold on. So, you’re a faerie, and now you’re saying your twin sister is a pixie?”
“Yes. Magical creatures don’t follow human rules. Duh.”
“No more talk!” Nicolas rose to the ceiling and glowed a blinding white-blue, which got everyone’s attention. “We must leave. Now. Provisions are not needed if we set off soon. Lila can keep light and warmth. Cherry is the “faerie” of wisdom, and the name Minda means “knowledge” – they are both wise at setting up camp and travel strategies. Brian is a protection to us all. I understand that Cherry is an expert at finding food, and as soon as we get… Nikki? I think her name is Nikki. As soon as we get Nikki, we have purified water… if we can find water. That’s the problem. Mermaids need water to stay alive, but I am not sure we will find enough water to support her.”
“If you boil water, you can purify it. But the whole flint-and-steel fire thing in the wild is a bear, pardon the pun. Hehe,” Cherry said.
“Then let’s get Leo first. After all, we are closest to the dragon forest. Then we’ll be closest to Maya’s favorite tree to travel in… we’ll be there by sundown, but only Chikik can use trees to travel, and that would be the only way to get to Maya’s place,” said Minda.
“Well, one thing at a time. We should go, then worry about Chikik,” Brian said.
They set off into the wilderness.

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