My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 6

“Lila. Do you remember the Song of the Six?” The orb asked.
“Of course. How could I forget?”
“Hmm.” Lila narrowed her eyes. “Why, exactly, are you here?”
“He dragged me here because he wants to tell you everything you think is wrong,” Brian said.
“Not helping,” the orb said. “Do you know why you remembered that song?”
The orb settled into a calming blue. “It is because the song is a part of you. You made it up when you were two. But you can’t remember when you were two, can you?”
“No, come to think of it. The earliest memory I have is of when… I think I was four. It was decorating my room…”
“Three, actually. The Drearie Queen wiped your memory. She took you from your actual birthplace. You are one of only six living descendants of the Heroes, and they, too, saved the world. But the world they saved was your birthplace, a faerie territory planet called Jessini, which is one of the more secluded faerie territories.  It is a farmland, and the Heroes have lived in places such as this for centuries. Farmlands, mountains, underground, anywhere off the beaten path. These were places where a Hero could learn magic without distraction, away from evils of the city. Then they moved to the city, where they could put that magic to use.
“You will save Earth from becoming Drearie territory, and save all fairies in it. Correction – all SMC in it.”
Lila knew what SMC meant.
“Well, I have the other descendants to help, at least. Where are they?”
“One of them is standing in the room.”
Lila turned to Brian.
The orb continued, “We have to find the others. We must go as soon as possible.”
Then there was a knock at the door. Lila opened it. Cherry came in. She looked panicked.
“I haven’t seen this thing for centuries!”
An orb was floating above her shoulder.
“But – that’s impossible!” Brian said.
“Minda?” Brian’s orb seemed to recognize Cherry’s orb.
“Nicolas, where have you been?”
“Well, well!” Cherry smirked.
Lila shrugged. “Even orbs have lovers. Minda there has herself a boyfriend!”
Both orbs turned away and literally turned bright red.
“Only one thing,” Brian said. “Lila hasn’t found her orb yet, and you’re a faerie… aren’t you?”
“No. I’m not. I don’t think anyone has heard this speech before?”
Blank faces all around.
“I guess not. Well, I am a Shapee, as I know someone here is. Before the age of five, it is not recommended for Shapees to change forms to any magical creatures. Well, when I was three, I was on a walk in the woods and I saw some hunters. Of course, Shapees are born in human form for protection, but I was sure that in my bright red dress with my bright red hair that the hunters would see me. I was not knowledgeable with humans, but I knew that whatever magical creatures they found were kept in bottles or cages, made to do chores, held prisoner or otherwise mistreated. I didn’t recognize that the most these hunters would do was yell at me. For some reason, though, I had not come into my powers enough to turn into something like a dragonfly or a gnat. I couldn’t turn into any non-magical creature that could fly away. So to protect me, Minda had to turn my form faerie. Once in safety, I couldn’t turn back and Minda couldn’t recognize me. I decided that if I went home, I would get in trouble, so I flew to Faerie Land and never told anyone my secret. I completely forgot about it until now… I have adapted so well to faerie magic and the faerie way of life. It is strange… but I see that you are on a quest. Would you like me to come along? I don’t take up much space.”
“Sure, we could use another share of magic,” Lila said.
Cherry slipped into her handbag.
“We must set off now, before sunset. We need light,” Minda said.
“I can bend, store and generate light. You don’t need to fuss with it,” Lila said, forming a ball of light in her hand. It glowed white, then a soft yellow. It chirped, much to Lila’s surprise.
“Heh, I think you found your orb,” Brian said.
“My name is Emma. I have come to you in this time of need.”
“Emma. I like that,” Lila said.
“My power is unlimited. I will perform any spell for you.”
“Why can’t you act like that?” Brian said to his orb.
“I have different tasks. I have reasons for being slightly able to control your powers for you. I, as any orb, have unlimited power. I must guide you very firmly and control you until I see that you do not need it. If I see fit to guide you more, so shall it be. So there.” The orb seemed to be desperately trying to glare at Brian, regardless of the fact it didn’t really have a face.

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