My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 9

The queen was surprised that they had gotten everything on their list all in one day.

“Of course, it didn’t hurt much that every sales person dropped at Lila’s feet.” Jane just had to put that in.

“The gowns have to be picked up tomorrow.” Lila was giggling at the memory of the seamstresses. “You know that I was joking around about the prices. I knew they would do that. It was hilarious! You should have seen it.” Lila turned to the queen. “I told them I would pay ten jingas for each gown! If they took the offer, I wouldn’t mind – I don’t need that much money – but I knew they wouldn’t. It was hilarious!”

Sky burst out in laughter. “It is! Ah, that’s why that seamstress never gets ahead in the world. Won’t take a good offer when she sees it. Oh sure, your company’s in the toilet but no. You can’t take MONEY! Especially not from one of the main people who are here to help! I’ve been trying for years to get money to that company. Cherry pointed the place out to you, didn’t she?”

“Yeah. We had lunch at her place.”

“Ah, Cherry is our spy. If you don’t tell anyone, I’ll tell you a secret. Whenever we drop her potion – the hot chocolate, of course, because it gets us a lot of kids – we have Cherry spy on them to watch over them, waiting until they… well, we tend to call it “seeing magic” or something like that… it was the dragons’ idea. Tradition. Anyway, it’s easier to explain the “you’re a faerie now” thing when they look behind them and see wings, y’know? After they’ve seen magic, Cherry drops by and helps ‘em to the faerie realm. Remember, you could barely fly. Most can’t fly at all, not at first. Levitate, yes, a few feet off the ground, but not using wings.

“She had been spying on you, and I had to call her up from Earth because you were up here. She knew you would do something like that. Ha ha, good ol’ Cherry. Sneaky, in more than one way!”

“Ha! But I’m getting tired. Where do we sleep?” Lila said.

“We got a few apartments for you. Take your books there.” Sky took them to two apartments, which looked… very clean. Lila would have to put some stuff in it to make it seem friendlier. Both she and Jane liked a fairly clean room, but not pristine like this. At least each had a couch, bed, table, bookshelf and TV. Jane was happily surprised Faerie land got TV. Sky claimed that they just tapped into the humans’ signals, so they got satellite, every channel!

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