My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 4

Brian assumed that they were going to fly to this place, but the orb said otherwise.
“It is a magic realm, not easily reachable from Earth. It is hidden, hidden away where no human can hurt it. If the destructive humans found us, they would wreak havoc!”
“YOU aren’t human! You are a Shapee, and you always have been! You grew up with humans; you think you are one! That’s because the evils want you to think that you are human! But I am not evil. You need to see the truth! That is why I take you here.”
“Take me where?”
“Here. This is not simply a cloud. It is Faerie land, and your littlest sister resides here. She thinks she became a faerie through a potion, but the potion only made her come to her senses. She, like you, has always been a SMC.”
“Supposedly Mythical Creature.”
“Well, all of the children of your family are SMC.”
“What about my parents?”
“What about them? They’re not your real parents!”
“So basically you’re telling me everything I know is wrong.”
“What’s right, then?”
“I’m telling you everything you think is wrong. That’s different.  There is the domain of thought, the domain of illusion, and the domain of reality. Your previous thoughts were an illusion from an evil spell.”
“So how do I know you’re not an illusion?” Brian asked.
The orb turned him into a flower. Okaaaaaaaay.
“Imaginary things don’t give off a scent. Notice you never got sweaty in your illusion of being human.”
The orb turned him back into a bird. “Granted, some SMC sweat, but not Shapees. Weird but true.”
“So what was that about Lila?”
“I am your orb. I was hidden as another effect of the evil spell. I was hidden in that video game, where you would find me. But since the spell was evil, it was a very hard game. Lila hasn’t found her orb yet. She doesn’t know that she has one. All the other fairies are missing orbs, too. Until she finds hers, the fairies’ power is limited. After a few spells, they run out of magic. Then they must stop using magic for the day. The fairies don’t mind it, because they don’t use much magic. But I bet the pixies are in trouble.”
Brian put it together: My orb is telling me I was never human. Lila hasn’t found hers yet. She doesn’t have an orb telling her this!
“Exactly,” said the orb.
“What are you, a mind reader?”
“No, you are. But I can hear it when you figure something out. What you know, I know.”
“So exactly why are we sitting here blabbing when we came for Lila? I mean, we should at least start in that direction. It won’t look very weird if there’s just a Shapee talking to his orb, now would it?”
“Um, actually, it would. Like I said, nobody here has an orb. And Shapees are not common in these parts of the magic realm. I can camouflage, though, and you can easily disguise yourself.”
“But how would I – I mean,…” Brian started. But the orb simply answered that…

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