My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 2

Well, Brian read the book all the way through, and found out (just Mom’s luck) it was a disguised player’s guide. Now he turned it into Mom, who in turn did the 17-page test. This is when moms go every 17 pages or so and check to see if the book’s binding is stiff. If it is stiff,
then they haven’t read that page – and if that keeps up through the book, then that would say the kid hasn’t read it.
It turned out that Brian hadn’t missed a single page. Brian was obsessed with player’s guides almost as much as the games. The final boss would be very tricky – it had to be defeated by uniting all these critters, including his own warriors, and turning them against him. It was supposed to be easy if you knew how to do it, and overly impossible if you didn’t. Well, that was why nobody beat it yet.
Brian’s mom returned the book and the game, and Brian beat it within a day. He shut off the TV to get a snack. As he started to get up, a voice called him back.
“Don’t forget your instant prize!”
A little faerie called, producing a six-rayed orb between her hands. “Catch!” She threw it through the TV screen. Brian looked behind him.
“Sorry, bad aim,” The faerie said. Then she disappeared. Brian found, entangled in his bed sheet, the six-rayed orb from the video game used to unite all the creatures. It struggled out of his sheets and hovered over his shoulder. Brian tried to tell it to go back into the game, where it belongs, but it sort of told Brian that it was his, and he’d finally found it. How would he explain it to anyone else? But then, he could always change the subject and brag about how he won.
The orb refused to leave its perch right above his shoulder, and kept pace with him no matter how fast he ran. Brian gave up trying to get rid of it.

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