My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 1

“Aw, but Mom!”
But Brian’s mother had her mind made up.
“You are NOT getting another video game! Period! END of discussion.”
Brian always wondered why she said “period” when it was usually an exclamation point.
“But Mom, it’s the coolest thing on the market today! I gotta have it!” Of course it was. Brian said that about every video game. And while it was the coolest thing on the market today, there would always be a coolest thing on the market tomorrow. Always.
But Brian always managed to get whatever video game was most popular at that moment into the shopping cart, even if the next cool game came out an hour later. It was a skill you developed, especially if you loved video games as much as Brian.
Currently Brian’s mom was raising an eyebrow and doing the mother look that all mothers do in such a situation.
“Mo-om! Come on! There’s an instant prize for whoever wins the whole game first! Look, I’ll even read the book first. See?” He pointed to the little book that came with the game (which naturally nobody read).
“Hmm.” Brian’s mom was interested now. She would do anything to get him to read, even pay thirty-five dollars for a video game.
Brian had a book shelf, and it wasn’t empty.
It wasn’t filled with books, either. His shelves were filled with each day’s coolest games.
Well, she would put at least one book on his shelf.
“Nobody’s won it yet. I could – I’ve had lots of practice.” Brian interrupted her thinking.
“All right, but don’t get your hopes up of winning, and you have to read the book first.”
“All right! Thanks!”
“But just to make sure that you actually read the book, I’ll hide the game until you’re done with the book. When you’re done with the book, hand it to me and I’ll do a test with it to make sure you read it all the way through.”
Smart mom.

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