My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 8

“Okay. That looks like a busy block.” Jane pointed at a street crowded with fairies. They headed toward what looked like a bookstore on the corner, walking in. The faerie behind the counter gasped. Apparently she had not heard the news… yet.

“Well! Lila! What an honor for you to come into our store.” Another faerie stood at the counter, mouth agape.

“Jane and I are shopping here for… training supplies. Do you have any?”

“Right this way.” She led the two to a quiet wall stocked with books.

“Any specific books you need?”

“Wielding a Dagger, Finding Food, Master of Disguise and Making Camp.”

“Good. So simple these days. I remember school as carrying seventeen inch-thick books a half mile to the academy. And school was a lot longer back then…” She flew up, chattering, got each book, and handed Lila several colorfully covered books. She made sure to get two of each book.

“Oh yeah, I bet you need a few other things. We got some pens and erasers and some notebooks over there, just in stock.”

They got their stuff, then checked out.

“I guess we gotta go to the general store, and get our toothpaste and all that stuff,”Jane said.

It was the same with the general store and the purse store. People gaping at Lila. Deja vu.     Leaving the purse store, they saw Cherry. Unlike the other fairies, she was about three inches tall, and she had red wings.

Lila noticed that although all the fairies (except her and Cherry) had yellow wings, they were all different shapes. Some fairies’ were angular, others curvy. Lila found it interesting.

Cherry shoved a wad of red jingas at Lila.

“Cash for stuff in the hidden grove,” she said. “I fly out every day and drop a bunch from the sky. This way the all of the fairies can eat, even students, who don’t earn much. I thought you might like some. The food’s really good, ask anyone, and there’s other stuff too.” She lowered her voice. “You would be amazed at how good you can get a getting people to buy a lot of junk they don’t need. I don’t recommend it. I did that myself for a long time, makes ya packratty.”

“Did you just make up that word?” Jane giggled.

“On the spot, kiddo.”

“Why don’t you show us the place before we go to the tailor’s?” Jane was curious, as usual.

“Ok. Come on.” She held out what looked like a key and pressed a button. Suddenly they were in a grove, cherry trees no less.

“Cool spot. Got any food made up?” Lila was getting hungry.

“Ya like subs?”


“One… thingy, two subs. Yes, I’m half insane. I used to be a teacher… kids can do that to you.”

They paid, ate, and then Cherry escorted them out of the grove. She handed them a key.

“The green button gets ya into the grove, and the red gets ya out,” Cherry said, then pointed them at the tailor’s.

“Name’s Rena. She’s the one you really want to talk to about gowns,” Cherry added.

The two went inside.

“I was told to ask for Rena. And that both of our gowns are the colors of our wings. The usual.” Lila said to the faerie behind the desk.

“Oh my. Right this way,” she said. Great, another faerie gaping. Couldn’t anyone talk to Lila like a normal person? Other than Sky, of course. Sky was reasonable, like a colleague. In fact, she was, in a way, a colleague. They did have similar jobs. Oh, and Cherry, but then she has a direct connection with Sky and is also one of the 13.

The desk faerie led them behind the counter, through a long hallway, then she stopped at a door. She knocked twice, then opened the door. The tired little seamstress’s eyes lit up when she saw Lila.

“Lila needs a gown.”

The faerie gestured toward Lila.

“Your gatherers will find you some blue and green material, Rena. For now, it seems her friend needs one too.”

“I am willing to pay ten jingas for each gown. Extra if you need.” Lila wanted to see what would happen.

The normal price for a regular gown was three jingas, so Rena’s jaw dropped. So did the jaw of the faerie at the desk.

“Oh, it is more than enough! You don’t need to pay that much, even though we don’t have blue or green material yet. We should be grateful that you pay the regular price.”

Jane snickered as the faerie practically dropped at Lila’s feet.

“No, I will pay very generously to a nice faerie.” Lila smiled. “I insist.” She was a good actor. The fairies were going insane. She was smiling, of course, to keep from laughing out loud.

The two argued around about the price. Lila was having a jolly old time when finally Jane got tired of watching, and interrupted both parties at the same time.

“OKAY! Regular price for mine. Five for her.”

The others agreed to this. Lila tried not to scowl, and Rena said, “They’ll be ready tomorrow at noon.”

The two headed on their way back to the castle with lots of teasing coming from Jane.

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