My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 8

The next night, after Ukiki’s parents went to bed, she wrote a note by soft candlelight. The note explained that she had gone with Maya, and by the time Hika or Nua read it, she would be long gone. The note written, Ukiki dressed in dark clothing and went outside to meet Maya. Ukiki hoped that her parents would find some comfort in knowing where she was and that she was with Maya.

They didn’t. Of course not. Hika had a reputation for being kind and generous, but also being a worrywart – unfortunately, she was the one to find the note and explain it in extremely exaggerated detail to Nua. Then Nua found the note and figured out what she was screaming about.

A Chiki’s scream can get to over 100 decibels. A lawnmower is about 80 or 85 decibels, and 80 can hurt your hearing.

You can imagine it was loud in the village. Neighbors a mile away (it was a big village) were saying, “Oh, boy. Hika’s upset again.” But where Ukiki was, you could hear a pin drop. You could hear dust collecting. The guards moved like a shadow on the wall. Here, it was always night.

But Maya did not need to worry. She had the powers of the Chikik on her side, and she called a squirrel to gnaw a way into the wall itself. Chikik could talk to the animals. (Whether the animals had something to say worth hearing was another story.) Ukiki sent a bat in, and the bat and the squirrel went into the wall to find the way to D’s room. The squirrel gnawed the wall so that it was thin enough for Maya to punch through. It had chewed out a passageway for them, and they darted into the opening.

It was not as hard to see as they thought it would be, because the Chikik’s senses were more acute than humans – especially hearing. They could hear something thumping around.

No. Something wasn’t right here. The squirrel, who had followed them in, was freaking out. Someone had heard it munching away and was trying to get it!

A hand came through the wall! It was wearing a white glove and grabbing at the squirrel! Ukiki tried to rescue it, but Maya’s expression told her, as the hand made a hole big enough to see through, that the squirrel could run fast enough to escape the guard. They had to keep moving before the guard found them. The noise this one was making was enough to cover their exit sounds.

They made their way through the maze, dodging rafters and stepping over pipes. When they reached the final room, Ukiki got her fist ready, but Maya said to wait until the time came.

“Madam, there’s a squirrel destroying the walls and we have someone chasing it. Anyone with any kind of magic could be using it to spy on us. We are attempting to kill it, but the guard chasing it is wrecking the walls more than the squirrel,” they heard a guard say. Maya tried not to giggle.

“Leave the thing alone! It’s just a squirrel!” A shrill voice screamed.

“Now,” Maya whispered.

BAM! The two Chikik punched straight through the wall, trying to look as cool as possible. “Not just a squirrel,” Maya said.

“More mass,” Ukiki said. “Um, what do we do now? Do something TOTALLY random just for the heck of it.”

“Hey, let’s play Spitball! You get the guard, I get the ugly one.” They pulled out some paper and spit all over it, then hurled huge wads of paper everywhere. They were having fun. What they didn’t notice, however, was that Maya’s target wasn’t there any more. You know why, of course. If you don’t, flip through the last few chapters.

Well, whatever. It didn’t matter anyway. The guard standing there didn’t really matter either, as he was blinded from all of the spitballs sticking to his face and uniform and had lost some dignity. He wasn’t really about to do anything, so nobody cared. Especially not Maya or Ukiki, who had done what they came to do, if accidentally, and who were jumping into the hole in the wall. Ukiki had lost interest in the game – her target was too engulfed in spitty paper wads to be able to have any more stuck on him. She was leaving because her target wasn’t usable any more, and Maya for essentially the same reason. Oh well! At least spitball throwing would become a fun and rather popular (if rather disgusting) sport, which the soldiers had to learn, just in case.

As they approached the village, Maya decided that they should do a cool entrance as returning warriors. The tallest tree in the village was very near, and there were vines hanging from a few of the top branches that nearly reached the ground. So they each grabbed a vine and found another tree opposite the village. They climbed it and wrapped themselves around the vines.


Each screamed like Jungleman, for effect. The Chikik saw them, and gave the deafening shriek (the 100 decibel one) used for keeping enemies at bay.

Then cheers rang out through the large and VERY loud town as the couple came home.

“I always wanted to do that,” Maya said.

Hika came running. “Ukiki! You’ve come back! I was so worried…” She blabbered on and on about Ukiki’s disappearance, then turned to Maya. “Um, there’s something…”

“Yes, I’ll stay. You want someone to look after you. I get the hint. All right. Fine!” Maya grinned.

“Well, that saved time.” Hika grinned.

The End

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