My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 6

Nua pointed at Lila. He said, “History lesson.”

Lila explained everything from the recent years.

“So now you’re the predestined ruler of a bunch of elves and later you probably gotta fight some sorta bad elf, who tries to bite or claw off small limbs, in an absolutely ridiculous way. No one ever comes up with anything different for the prophecies, do they?” Lila said.

“Apparently not. They’re not very good at speaking English. I don’t think they have a means of tutoring at all, let alone a school.”

“What school if not fish?” Hika asked.

“Hika know big words,” Nua said proudly.

“Looking,” Hika said.

“See?” Nua said.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm, Hika, can you use that word in a sentence?”


“Because… just do it.”

“I am duh loo king*.”

“Ok, they’re British.

“If you’re loo king, then I’m queen London!” Nua proclaimed.

“Here comes queeeen. All dressed in… greeen.” Hika sang.

“This is getting creepy. Got some earplugs?” Maya asked.

“Green, yellow or orange?”

*In England, a “loo” is a bathroom.

Maya decided they’d better go soon. She hustled everyone into the tree before they could start more goofiness. Nua hopped on and began his routine again. They ended up not at Maya’s house, but in Chikik-land-place.

“Okay. Now, I need to go back to the place where there is a REALLY BIG log. I need to meet up with Leo and Nikki and Brian. I’ll be in the oak tree tomorrow,” Maya said.

“Nooooooo!” shrieked Nua and Hika.


“If you have to, take me with!”

“And me!”

“Hmmm. There is a thing called a doll in my land. I have some old doll clothes that may fit. I’m going to drastically improve your way of living.”


“Give me lots of shiny things. You can both come with me. I think I’m young enough to pull off the doll thing. Okay guys, make me bigger. Hika, jump in my backpack. Nua, go take us to the really big log place.” One half of her smallish backpack was filled with quarters, the other with Hika. Nua and Maya climbed into the tree.

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