My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 3

When Maya got home from school, she sat on the swing and stared at the clouds, like she normally did. The elf figure was back, and this time he/she/it was not silent. It said:

Maiai, with here

Elixir, key to our world

Inbushortree, we travel

In possession, hear

Drink, see

Upon hearing this, she suddenly knew that the elixir had something to do with this. She didn’t know what the Maiai part meant, but here is her translation for the rest.

The elixir is the key to the elf’s world

The elves travel in bushes or trees

If the elixir is in your possession, you can hear him.

If you drank it, you can see him.

Maya pulled out the elixir and drank some. He said they travel in bushes and trees, she thought. She looked at the old oak tree.

A perfect place for an elf to hide! She thought. She walked around the tree. Nothing. She started to climb the tree. She sat on a branch. She tried her owl call*. She heard a scream.

*Maya later learned that Chikik are terrified of owls.

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