My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 2

Their mother strolled down the store’s racks of random, tasteless bleaurgh that she planned to prepare.

Maya spotted a bottle that looked different from the others. She stepped toward it to investigate.

The label read, in capital letters: ELIXIR.

“Maya! Buy anything you want, as long as you can afford it! I’ll be near the cereal!”

Anything, eh? She would have to keep her ‘elixir’ a secret, whatever was in it. She bought it, along with some candy so her mom wouldn’t be suspicious. At least, she tried to buy it.

“Hey kid, where did you get this?” The clerk looked puzzled.

“Over there,” Maya said, pointing. “There weren’t any more like it.”

“We never stock thi…” The clerk saw a chance to score some tips. “That’ll be five dollars, miss. And to let you know, there’s no return on this item.” The clerk grinned slyly.

Maya raised an eyebrow but paid anyway.

The next day Maya had school, her friend, Jerry, walked with her to their sixth-grade class. The school bully blocked their path.

Sid pointed at Jerry’s glasses. “Hey Four-eyes, I think you’ve been reading some nerdy book about al-gee-bra… cuz you have al-gee-breath! ” he said. Sid tries way too hard.

Jerry raised an eyebrow but walked past him, followed by Maya. When Sid followed him, Jerry said, “You should never hit a guy with glasses, because…”

“‘Cause you’ll tell the teacher?” Sid cut him off. “Ooh, I’m so scared. And I don’t. I normally use a stick. But for you, I’ll make an exception,” And with that, he belted Jerry in the gut. Jerry didn’t flinch, but instead socked Sid a good one in the nose.

“I tried to warn you, but you interrupted. As I was saying, you should never hit a guy with glasses. They hit back,” Jerry said. Maya snickered behind him. Jerry can be very strong. He had just moved there last year, and none of this school’s bullies respected him.


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