My Exploding Cat

Just stories and drawings really, no actual fissile felines.

Chapter 1

Lila was a girl aged 7. She had the blonde-hair-blue-eyes combination that makes some people jealous, which she didn’t understand. Why would anyone care?

When Lila was younger, she dreamed of being able to fly, like all kids her age. It was winter in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. She liked winter, but sometimes she wished for something to heat her up when she played outside, so she wouldn’t be cold anymore. This was one of those days, and Lila was playing outside.

“Lila! Get the mail, would you?” Her mother called out the door.

“Okay!” Lila shouted back.

Lila opened the mailbox. But there wasn’t her dad’s subscription to Boring Monthly, or Mom’s Tasteless Cooking, but instead a thermos of hot chocolate. She had no idea WHERE it came from (except maybe the mailbox). This appeared to be the “something”she wanted.

She decided that this was for her, drank some, and hid it. It didn’t appear to do anything. In fact, Lila felt normal after her surprise…

She was almost disappointed.

The thing was, she wasn’t cold anymore. An hour later. A few hours later, still not cold. After one hour, she felt like unzipping her snowsuit. By two, she had taken it off. Her mother called her in from the kitchen window without looking out of it (as always). “Lilac Elle Peterson! Time for dinner! Good grief, aren’t you cold yet?” Lila knew her mother would be suspicious if she came in with her snowsuit off, and then she would have to explain about drinking the hot chocolate, and then either she would get a severe talking-to about not drinking anything unless you know what it is and where it came from and what was in it and every little detail about it, or she would be yelled at and/or sent to her room for “lying” or “making up stories that aren’t true” or something stupid.

Typical. Lila sighed, put her snowsuit on and went in.

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